How to Sub Ohm Vape

How to Sub Ohm Vape

Many people might think that there’s only one way to vape when there’s actually a thing called “sub ohm vape”. You might have heard it from your vaping friends, but what exactly is it? We explain the facts in this article and how you can do it at home.

What’s Sub Ohm Vaping?

With sub ohm vaping, you are able to produce bigger and thicker clouds. This is attained by increasing the power used to heat up your “sub ohm” coils. The resistance of these sub ohm coils are less than 1 ohm, hence “sub ohm”.

This resistance is measured in ohms, and if the number is less than 1 ohm, that means you are basically doing sub ohm vaping.

How to Sub Ohm Vape

Here’s how you can perform sub ohm vaping:

Larger Battery Capacity

If your battery power is much better than your average vape, it will have the tendency to increase the heat produced because you are using much more power than before. This creates more vapor when you light up your e-cigarette. In this way, you are pushing down the resistance to less than 1 ohm and thus, creating a sub ohm vape.

A word of caution, though: batteries can get extremely hot and might cause your coil to burn the cotton! Be careful and learn to set limits when using this kind of method.

Use a Lower Resistance Coil

The name is given – you can actually find a coil for a vape that has a lower resistance than others. You will find this in most vape shops out there and most of them are being used by those who are getting into the sub ohm vaping hype. You can use this lower resistance coil as a preemptive measure for a larger battery capacity so that things don’t heat up too much in a dangerous way.

Use a Thicker Wire

Along with a larger battery capacity, if you can’t find a good coil that’s marked as lower resistance, you can try using a thicker wire. Remember that the art of sub ohm vape lies in vapor – which is produced when your wire is too thick and will be able to vaporize more liquid than a thinner wire would.

Understand Ohm’s Law

By understanding Ohm’s law, you will be able to determine which battery is best for your vape, for your coils and for your wire. This will also help you to know the limits of using a certain battery capacity to avoid overheating.

Pros and Cons

Since this kind of vaping has gotten popular, you might want to ask: what are the pros and cons of sub ohm vaping?

  • Vapor – there’s nothing more massive than vaping with a ton of vapor as compared to regular vape machines.
  • Flavor – because you’re releasing a lot of vapor, that means it will give you a better flavor.
  • Warm vapor – those who prefer warm over cold vapor would love this kind of method.
  • E-juice consumption – you may need the best sub ohm tank for the purpose of having a really extensive e-juice consumption.
  • Frequent coil replacement – this is because your coils burn faster due to the heat.
  • Not for beginners – most beginners at vaping can find too much vapor as too much, and they may not really be welcomed with the lung hits too well yet.

Sub ohm vaping is a fun way to vape, but it does have its pros and cons. If you think you’re up for the challenge then we hope our sub ohm vape guide helps you somehow!


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