Joyetech eVic Primo Fit Review

Joyetech eVic Primo Fit Kit Review

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Cue the Crickets…..

Joyetech eVic Primo Fit is such a compact starter box mod available in multiple stylish finishes. Featuring the new bulging glass tube, perfect for vape starter.

Joyetech eVic Primo Fit Kit

Well, a number of weeks ago I was offered a pick of doing a review on some gear. Now to be honest I was going to turn it down as my direction Vape wise has changed a little. I’m not really interested in mods with changeable batteries anymore, I wont bore any with why as I think most here know by now, so getting a bit of gear just for the sake of it then reviewing something I didn’t really value or honestly like just to own it would really be simply dishonest and false. I can be an idiot, a goose and many other things ;), but that, just ain’t me. I’d prefer to have nothing than have the world that way.

But….o_O….something caught my eye, :zombiemonkey:…..
Yeah, I could do that one… the Joyetech eVic Primo Fit kit.
Why? Well the mod for starters has an inbuilt battery and you know my thoughts on batteries right :swearing:
Plus…. Its got a Clock … :thumbsup:
Plus… It can display the date….. :thumbsup:
Plus…. it can be used as a Vape device, cool…:thumbup:
Plus quite frankly its also a pretty cool looking unit.

The tank that comes with it also has that slide to the side, or back, whichever way you hold it to push it, fill system.
Yeah it does have a bubble glass, but being small it kinda needs it. It is a neat little package really.

Speaking of package it does come with the usual, a spare glass, some O rings and a USB lead and naturally a manual (well a kinda sheet that folds open really). It does also come with 2 coils. One for DTL vaping and another for MTL.

Joyetech eVic Primo Fit Kit
Firstly, the Tank. The Exceed Air Plus 3ml.

This really is a nicely designed little tank. The filling system is dead easy. Simply push the top where the marker is and it slides back exposing the filling port. There should be no problems with this I’d imagine except for those who use droppers that have a thick snub nose end to the glass. The Drip tip is quite nicely designed too with an artistic style honeycomb effect going on :20: sweet!

Now the coils are small, well tiny in comparison really to others so the DTL one isn’t a Cloud chucker, it’s more along the lines of a puff creator. Somewhere in between a Vape cloud and what you would see created by a cigarette smoker. In fact it is really, not just due to size but also the cloud, a perfect little stealth device. You wont be drawing attention to yourself with this unless you really pushed it.

But, you don’t want to as the coils lose flavour or mute if you take too long a draw. Anything above 2.5 to 3 seconds saw a slight muting in flavour. Lets face it, these are not smoke signal coils in the first place, they really are small and though they do a great job for their size they are not designed to suck the guts out of them. Flavour though is quite good though again limited by the size which logically would be expected.

It’s good and quite acceptable really. Life span wise I got 4 days on the DTL one before the flavour dropped away. I may have been able to squeeze another day or two who knows but for me when the flavour goes I change my coils.
I didn’t try the MTL for any real length of time as its not my thing but the Tank does come with a dedicated DTL air vent slot and dedicated MTL holes. I didn’t cough when trying it which was another plus…
:thumbsup: as in the past trying MTL vaping did make me cough. This was quite a smooth delivery really.

Draw wise on DTL is a bit restricted compared to other tanks and coils but it is limited by the small size of the coil. It’s not uncomfortable by any means, but is a restricted type.
Now the Mod!
Primo Fit Mod

I like it. Its a good take anywhere size. The screen is bright and easy to read….and…. :thumbup: , no its not cracked that’s just a weird reflection,

Its got a Clock…and Date, in fact two time modes. One is a digital display with day and date, the other analogue.

Joyetech eVic Primo Fit Kit

If you don’t want or need it you can simply select a normal screen with power level and the other usual display readouts, time/puff etc.

Changing modes is simple, 3 clicks takes you into the menu area where you then can choose what you want and what settings etc. There is Temperature control, 3 memory settings, 2.0A quick charge as well as firmware upgrade capability. Max power is 80 watts and battery rating is 2800 mah.

Due though to the bright large display for its size, this is what I think, it lasts only as long as my Kroma A mod with a 2000 mah battery running the same tanks. Still, it does have a good battery life for it’s size and run time can be extended by selecting Stealth mode.

It really is a solid little mod, it feels solid and is. The display looks good, there are no rattles and it really has no negatives. If there was one it could be that its limited, in a way, to 22 ish mm tanks. If your not ocd about that kind of thing too much a 24 mm doesn’t look overly out of place on it. I have no problem placing the Crios on it. The only real niggle was when I adjusted the time and date settings and had to re enter after each adjustment. Eg set the time, then exit and re enter to set the date. No big deal though, once set it stays set and is pretty accurate, or very as I have seen it stays the same time as my phone does constantly.
For me, I give it the thumbs up :thumbup:

Joyetech eVic Primo Fit Kit with Exceed Air Plus Tank 3ml 2800mAh Price: $67.10

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