Joyetech Riftcore Duo RTA Review

Hello folks, I was sent a Riftcore Duo for the purpose of review, from healthcabin. This fact will not effect my personal opinion in any way, shape or form I approach my reviews in the perspective of every day use and just as a somewhat advanced vaper. I have been using the Riftcore for a week and three days now and honestly say, this tank is a winner.

The packaging is standard fare, all the regular paperwork, extra glass, allen wrench, o-rings, grub screws, a template to cut cotton, pre cut cotton and a sheet of cotton.
The tank is just beautiful, very well made, smooth threading, holds 3.5ml, sliding top fill, you have to lift or remove the 510 tip to open it. Nice that the Tip locks the slider in place.
Mine is the Black Version, there are also Gold and Blue Versions, the finish is very smooth and well done.
The 510 is Gold Plated and has worked on six different mods I own.

Now, what makes it different? The Riftcore does not use typical wrapped coils, it uses Molecule heating technology. Basically two flat, rectangular ceramic plates with a strip of cotton down the middle.
I think there is Tungsten embedded in the Ceramic, I tried using it in TC, and the TCR for Tungsten worked, .0045, so it works in TC.
The vape is very smooth, plenty of airflow, two apposing air inlets with a stopper.
For me the flavor is excellent at 60W, recommended high is 50W but 60-65 makes it pop.
I used the pre loaded cotton for a week and finally re wicked with Native Wicks Cotton. What a difference! I think the straight and long strands in the Native was the difference, the flavor is just excellent.
Cleaning the Coils/Plates is very easy, just remove the cotton and dry hit at 30W for 3 seconds and repeat until clean and re wick.
Juice consumption is not bad, again I really like this tank, for what it is, nice clouds!
I never experienced any spitting or leaking, just good vapes!

The drip tip is a resin, cobra design, really nice looking
While using TC, I was at 50W and 450 degrees, tasty!

Personally I do recommend the Riftcore Duo, something different that performs well, and the flavor is far above par.

As always I’d like to thank Maggie with Healthcabin for giving me this opportunity.

Thanks for reading.

Joyetech Riftcore Duo RDA
Joyetech Riftcore Duo RDA
Joyetech Riftcore Duo RDA
Joyetech Riftcore Duo RDA
Joyetech Riftcore Duo RDA


1.Safest heating element
2.1 million puffs
4.Coiless deck
5.Honeycome drip tip
6.Bottom airflow system

Each set contain:
1pc User Manual
Grub Screws
Allen Wrench
Pre Cut Cotton
Cotton Sheet
Extra Glass

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