Kumiho Model V Review by Ben

Kumiho Model V Review by Ben-Cover

Hey there folks, today I bring you another review about a POD type vaper, as we already know, these types of vapers are flooding the market but I must admit that this one has pleasantly surprised me. It is a device made to provide an MTL or RDTL puff, perfect to carry in your pocket due to its lightness and small dimensions and with a built-in 600mAh battery, the truth is, I am not lying if I say that I have been delighted with it. I’ve been using it for a week or so and I’m still delighted with it. So let’s get started the Kumiho Model V review together.

We are going to proceed to show a few photos provided by the brand to get some idea about the product. I hope you enjoy my reviews since I do them with all the love and detail possible. Any questions or constructive criticism please leave them in the comments.

Also, a big thank you to Sue from Healthcabin for providing me with the Kumiho Model V in the Giftbox edition, which comes with a 0.6Ω pod and a 1.0Ω pod, you can purchase it from their website for $12.99 ( GiftBox ) or at $10.99 (Lite Version, without the 1.0Ω pod)

Healthcabin Message: HealthCabin is one of the biggest vape wholesale distributors in China, if you’re a vape business owner, just contact them to get competitive wholesale price.
Disclaimer: Nobody nor any brand is paying me to do this review, all you will see are my most sincere opinions, both the positive and the negative.

The Product Features

Adjustable Airflow
2mL Pod Capacity
Auto-Draw Activation
Vibration when you connect the POD
Type-C USB Charging Port ( cable not included )
600 mAh Battery

The Specs

MaterialsAluminium Alloy, PCTG
Power Output11-18W ( General ) 14-18W ( 0.6Ω ) 11-13W ( 1.0Ω )
Coil Resistance0.4-3Ω
Battery Capacity600mAh
Charging SpecificationUSB C 5V/0.75A
Low Voltage Warning3.2V
PCBA Temperature Warning60ºC
Longest Vaping Time8 Seconds
Working Temperature10-45ºC
Stand-by current≤15uA

Packaging and First Impressions

The product comes presented in a box that matches the color of the vaper, in this case blue. It is presented to us with a photo of the product in question, two of the main characteristics and the Kumiho logo (I have to say that I love it, personal opinion). Let’s go with the back of the box.

On the back the first thing we see is a small and short description of the product, which goes straight to the point. We are also presented with the main functions, the contents of the package, a series of addresses and some warnings regarding the use of the device.

  • 1 Model V Device
  • 1 1.0Ω POD
  • 1 0.6Ω POD
  • 1 User Manual

( The product does NOT include a type c cable so we will have to manage to get one, even so, today practically everyone has one lying around their house )

What we really saw before was a small decorative casing that if we slide it comes out and reveals the box where everything comes. It is presented to us this way, on one side the device and on the other the two PODS, I must emphasize in case anyone has missed that this is the GiftBox edition so it comes with 2 PODs instead of just 1. Additionally, in the small envelope next to it comes the user manual, this device is quite beginner friendly so you probably don’t need to use it, even so, it is very good to have it in cases of emergency or if you are new to vaping.​

Device Inspection

Once we take the product out of the box and connect the POD we will notice that it vibrates, this means that it is ready to vape if we have previously put our e-liquid. I must admit that it scared me a little when I saw that the device vibrated, I didn’t expect it at all and I honestly think that it is not entirely necessary. The vaper is very thin, very, very light and has an incredible feel in the hand, it is very comfortable when vaping as I will comment later.

On the side we find the air inlet and yes, in this pod it is adjustable, we can use three, two, one or even no holes for the air inlet. With this open entrance we can achieve an RDTL vape and with the entrance closed as much as possible an MTL vape to achieve a great flavor.

Sorry for the quality of the photo but it was impossible for me to capture the exact moment when the LED turned on. This LED lights up when we take a puff, when we connect the POD or when, for example, it has no battery, I will leave all the functions below this text.

Battery Status Indicator;
Red = 0-30%
White = 31-100%

Breathing Red Light = 0-29%
Breathing White Light = 30-99%
Still White Light = 100%

It also has some security features;
10 Times Red Flashing = Low Battery
3 Times Red Flashing = No Atomizer
3 Times White Flashing = Atomizer Short
7 Times White Flashing = Exceeded Output Timeout
5 Times White Flashing = Overheat ( 60ºc )

None of these security features have occurred to me during the time I have used the device but it is good to know them.

The POD is attached to the body by means of magnets that in my opinion are very strong, it even clicks when connected and does not move at all, in terms of leaks it is true that I have noticed some problem, perhaps it is my liquid since it is 70/30 and this is normally recommended for 50/50, so perhaps it is the reviewer’s fault.

I loved the drip tip of this POD, it is very comfortable when vaping and feels great on the lips, plus, since vaping is just a few watts you will never get burned compared to other pod systems.

On the side of the POD we find the filling part, I must admit that I was somewhat stupid when trying to open it from the wrong side until I realized that it was not like that, it should open where the arrow points, don’t be stupid and try it as me because in the end it will get out of place.

The filling hole is more than enough for a 120mL chubby gorilla bottle so good for that part, in addition, the pod has a small mark that indicates the minimum limit of e-liquid although it is true that we must disconnect it to see it.

In below photo we can see how small the hole through which we puff is, it is prepared for an MTL and fulfills its function perfectly.

Vaping Time

I started as almost always with the lowest ohm coil, the 0.6Ω one. The way the cotton was placed caught my attention, it seems to be a new way patented by Kumiho and I don’t know if it is because of the quality of the coils or because of this new technology but the flavor was incredible. I tried it with a Donut King liquid and noticed all the nuances of it.

Honestly, what I love about this 0.6Ω coil is the wicking, it’s really something that makes the device a beast of flavor and has made me use it as one of my main coils for a while.

As for spitback, I have not found anything in this coil, however we will later see in the 1.0Ω coil how the flavor is much worse and it also has a slight spitback.

As for the 1.0Ω coil, my reaction was somewhat meh, the flavor was much less noticeable than in the 0.6Ω coil so it was not as enjoyable and also, from time to time, there was some spitback due to saturation of the cotton .

So I would stick with the 0.6Ω that seem and continue to seem incredible to me.

I must add that there was some leak/condensation but a q-tip fixes this although it is always appreciated if it happens as little as possible.

Let’s talk about the battery, the charge, timed by me, was 50 minutes, we must take into account that it charges at 0.75A and not at 2A like many of the devices today. In fact, the Uwell Crown B, with a 1150mAh battery, took the same time to charge but at 2A. Honestly this is not a serious problem for me.

As for the battery life, it is true that I found it a bit weak, I normally made 2 charges per day although I must say that I am a bit heavy in vaping.​

Pros and Cons

Very Cheap Starter DeviceA Little Bit Of Leaking AndCondensation
Very Good FlavourSpitback with the 1.0 Q
Includes 2 PODs for testing (GiftBox Version Only )
Very Good Drip Tips
Controllable Airflow


I would give this device a 9.5/10 just for the 1.0Ω POD. In terms of flavor it is incredible, it is very portable, light and the sensation in hand and when it comes to vaping it is one of the best in terms of pod systems in my opinion, I would choose this one over the Crown B from Uwell or even from other models, it is also incredibly economical.

The only problem is availability, I think that one of the few stores that sell it is HealthCabin and little else.

What would you change about the device? The only thing I would do would be to include the wicking technology in the other PODs to make it perfect.​

This review was written by Ben from ECF, click to view original reviews.


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