Kumiho Thoth T Review By Francisco

Kumiho Thoth T Review By Francisco-Cover

Hi there folks, today I will be reviwing the Kumiho THOTH T Pod System Kit.

Unboxing and first impressions

Ok…so WOW!! i pick up the box and this is heavy,wasn’t expecting that.
Supposedly the weight is 90gr but oh boy it does feel heavier than that and i am saying this as a good thing.
The Thoth T is all made of Zinc alloy and it feels durable as hell,if i were to drop it i am betting it would just get a slight scratch but it will keep on working.

I like the packaging,it has a clear cut out in the front which is covered with transparent plastic,it lets you see the color of the pod,more companies should do this.

Contents of the package include the pod,0.8 ohm coil,lanyard and an instruction pamphlet.
Gotta say i was a bit let down that it only came with the one coil,getting 2 with each pod should be the standard when it comes to this type of vaping devices.

Friends from Health Cabin also sent me some extra cartridges so i was able to try out this device in RDL and MTL mode.

Aesthetic wise this pod looks AWESOME!! It has a retro look to it that is truly unique.
And the cherry on top is the spinner,which may sound a bit gimmicky but i will explain later why its a good thing.

Battery wise this pod has a 1300mAh battery that charges at 5V/1A,being 1A it will charge a tad slower,charge time is about one hour and change.
But since this pod doesn’t have a screen well you know the battery is going to last longer,also no power control which personally i don’t mind.

Vaping time

Ready? here we go.
So i am using 2 cartridges for my review,the 0.6 ohm for RDL and the 1.2 ohm for a true MTL experience,using my e-liquid of choice which is Bombo Soda Orange at 3mg nic and in a 70/30 proportion.

Remember when using this type of coils/cartridges you gotta give the some for the cotton to get fully saturated,at least 10 minutes but i leave them 15 minutes its just the way i do it.

Ok so i got both the 0.6 ohm (RDL) and the 1.2 ohm (MTL) right in front me,I’m more of a RDL type of guy so i will start with the 0.6 ohm.

The 0.6 ohm coil delivers,i mean i never tried these coils before and now they rank 3rd or 4th in my list.
Very good flavor and a big hot steamy cloud,hard to believe from a device this small but yeah it does deliver a proper hit full of flavor.

Now time to give the 1.2 ohm time to shine,same e-liquid same device and yeah this coil also delivers.
Airflow wise i only left one hole open and yeah baby true MTL right here,very nice hit filled with explosive flavor in a real MTL experience.

Not going to lie thou i prefer the 0.6 ohm coil,that is just my personal taste when it comes to vaping but i have nothing to say about the performance of both coils.

Ok time to mention the elephant in the room….the spinner.
So like what i said before it may sound gimmicky but i actually enjoyed having it,i guess it depends on the person but as someone with anxiety i found myself using the spinner all the time.
Between puffs,after puffs….mid puff or no puff it didn’t matter i was using the spinner and i was holding the pod more than usual,personally i really liked the spinner feature.


  • Aesthetic wise 10/10
  • Coil quality is remarkable
  • Durability and sturdiness of the pod is off the charts
  • Good size battery
  • Spinner,gimmick for some and fun for others (specially me hehe)


  • As i mentioned before only one coil in the kit is not good,having 2 coils/cartridges should be the industry standard

Would I recommend this device

If you’re a user of pod devices you gotta have this one,i mean the design and quality alone makes it a must buy for any pod user out there.
You can use it for RDL or MTL which gives you plenty of options when it comes to vaping and furthermore you are using a unique device that just looks cool.

Thanks to my friendso over at healthcabin for sending me the Kumiho Thoth T for review purposes.

This review was written by FranknChill – Francisco from VUG(Vaping Underground), click to view original review.


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