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Sue from Healthcabin sent me this to try out. I am not affiliated with Healthcabin, nor do I get paid to review things.

Kumiho are not a company I’ve ever heard of before so I did my usual brief google search to find out what they were like. Just typing Kumiho brought up the fact that a Kumiho is the Korean version of the nine tailed fox myth that Japan has as a Kitsune but in a bit of a dark way. I love myths and legends and have never really dipped my toe into the Asian ones so I was there for a while going down a deep rabbit hole. I already know that Thoth is the Egyptian god of writing, wisdom and magic so they’ve mixed their myths well here.

I did eventually find the website I was looking for by adding ‘vape’ at the end of the search and saw that Kumiho make some funky looking pod kits.

Anyway, enough rambling.

  • 1pc Kumiho THOTH T Device
  • 1pc THOTH Series Pod Cartridge 0.8ohm
  • 1pc Metal Lanyard
  • 1pc User Manual

The Thoth T is a MTL pod kit that takes refillable, replaceable pods. It has a 1300mah internal battery and has a max rating of 35w but the wattage isn’t adjustable. It’s designed to look like a radio, yes really. The kit’s made of zinc alloy and pctg plastic. It has a USB Type C charging port for charging and comes with adjustable airflow.

Design wise it really does look like a radio. The one I was sent was the jungle green, so it looks military like to me. It’s draw or button activated so you have a choice on how to use it, but I found the button was in a place where it’s not so easy to use naturally so they have gone a little form over function in my opinion. I’d have preferred the button on one of the sides or on the front, but I quite like auto draw anyway so it’s not a dealbreaker really. There’s also a random fidget spinner on the front of the battery at the top right. I am obsessed with this. It’s a gimmick yes but as a fiddly person it’s really quite obsessive while the device is in my hand. The ‘speaker’ part of the design is rubber and is quite tactile, I like that.

One thing to note though is that the device is heavy so if you like a light pod kit this is definitely not for you. I’m not so fussed as I like a sturdy feeling pod kit but the heaviness is sure to put some folks off. I think it’s the big square block on the back of the device that’s making it so heavy. Kumiho have gone for the military look with a thin metal block that has 001 printed on it in a military style font and while it looks pretty cool it seems a little unnecessary to me. The block covers the back part of the fire button and makes it that wee bit more inaccessible than it already was.

The proof is in the vaping however and the Thoth T vapes nicely. I have tried out the 0.8ohm, 1.0ohm, 1.2ohm and the 0.6ohm pods and they all do what they need to do quite nicely. The kit comes with the 0.8 installed and that’s all you get. I was sent a box with one of each of the others in it as well so feel quite lucky that I’ve been able to try a range of resistances available. There are also 0.4ohm pods in the Thoth range. The airflow slider gives you a nice RDL vape, with the option to vary it down to a tight MTL.

The 1.2, 1.0 and 0.8 pods are good for MTL, they take about half a tank to break in but once they do the flavour comes through well. The flavour is what I’d describe as light, but not in a bad way. I was getting the top, bright notes of the fruity liquid I had in them and they really are good for that kind of juice. On the 0.8 I tried a bit of RDL with a 70/30 juice and the coil didn’t hold up that great so they are really for MTL at that ratio but you can get a reasonable RDL draw with thinner liquid. And the MTL is good, you get a good amount of vapour, with the aforementioned light, bright flavour. I have been finding the autodraw to work well with only the occasional stutter but I do take quite short, light MTL draws with the airflow fully open so my experience is likely not what most users will get and I have been using the fire button to get around that. With 50/50 juice the MTL pods work really well and I’ve not had any leaks as yet in the time I’ve been using them.

With the 0.6ohm pod I tried RDL again with the 70/30 juice and it worked well on a chain vape, while giving some really nice vapour so I think the 0.6 pod is definitely my favourite. The flavour just bumps up a little and is deeper on RDL as that’s the way I prefer to vape. Not to knock the MTL pods however, they do give a nice flavour and a good amount of vapour.

Overall the Thoth T is a great starter kit as you can try different styles to see what suits you if you want to buy packs of the pods to try out. The vapour production and flavour is good, with the only drawbacks I can find being the weight (not a drawback for me) and the fire button being placed so you have to fire a little differently than you would naturally. A wee bit of adapting how you hold the kit sorts that right out though.

I like the fidget spinner and I like the overall design of the kit. It vapes well and the pods seem to last pretty well, with there also being a good range of resistances to try out.

Thanks again to Sue at Healthcabin for sending this over to review.

This review was written by Gitchy-Stephen from POTV(Planet Of The Vapes), click to view original review.


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