Lost Vape Centaurus B80 AIO Review by Antony

Lost Vape Centaurus B80 AIO Review by Antony-Cover

I recently took a look at the Lost Vape Centaurus B60 AIO Boro mod, and now it’s time to look at its bigger brother, the Lost Vape Centaurus B80 AIO courtesy of our friends over at Healthcabin. Whilst this is larger than the B60, the main draw here is the use of a standard 18650 battery, and as an added bonus, you even get a rebuildable RBA included in the package at a bargain basement price.

  • 80.8mm x 49.8mm x 24.5mm (excluding drip tip)
  • 18650 battery
  • 80 watt output
  • RBA included in kit

The Centaurus B80 comes in nine colour options, some of these are a bit loud and garish but luckily I was sent one of the tamer ones, “Gush Grey” (Phew!). I’m not going to do the usual photo with everything included in the box in one shot as it’s fair to say Lost Vape have stopped just short of throwing a kitchen sink. Besides the B80, you get two boro tanks (one for stock coils plus two coils), a rebuildable bridge with optional airflow pins and spare O-rings etc, two drip tips, a 510 nut tool, and two instruction manuals.

Focusing on the exterior of the B80, first of all it’s actually quite attractive in this Gush Grey variant and I’m particularly taken with the finish on the side panels which are lightly textured. There is a bit of noticeable movement in the panels though if that’s the sort of thing that tends to bother you. Whilst the main chassis is quite boxy, all the corners have been nicely rounded off so it’s comfortable to hold, however Lost Vape has once again chosen a slightly strange position for the power button and in use I’ve found that this is best used left handed which makes the button fall naturally under your thumb whilst keeping your fingers clear of the airflow. You can use it right handed as well but it just doesn’t feel quite as natural to use that way.

An initial glance shouts “Billet Box” with its boxy design and removable side panels, take a closer look though and you start to see a few key differences, especially once those side panels come off.

The keen eyed amongst you will have noticed that the airflow is on the wrong side even from the exterior shots, but with the side panel removed, this is even more obvious. This means that any of your existing Boro tanks and bridges that rely on the airflow coming in exclusively from the right side are probably going to be a non-starter. Once again we have that non-standard two pin arrangement at the bottom of the Boro enclosure as well which means that whilst most bridges will work, some won’t. You do get a pretty reliable connection with compatible bridges though from my testing of both this and the B60.

Around the other side of the B80, there’s the sprung loaded battery compartment and control panel plus a USB-C charge port. The controls and screen are pretty basic with just wattage modes being available, but it is good that there’s separation between this and the Boro enclosure.

Up top is your 510 nut which just like the B60 uses non-standard threading so you can forget using any integrated drip tips you might have. It goes without saying that you’d better not lose this as finding a replacement might be tricky. At least it uses standard 510 drip tips, and Lost Vape have even included two of those in the kit to get you started.

Two Boro tanks are included in the kit: the UB AIO stock coil tank (plus two coils) and the Centaurus Boro tank RBA kit. Given my previous experience with the stock coil tank, I took my own advice and threw it straight in the bin, trust me, it’s garbage! Let’s hope that the RBA compensates for this.

The rebuildable UB AIO comes with its own bespoke Boro tank plus a chimney adapter to allow use in standard Boro tanks, three airflow pins, a 510 adapter so you can dry burn your coils, and finally a spares baggie that includes two mysterious threaded nuts. Those last items had forum members scratching their heads for quite a while until one intrepid member realized that these actually screwed into the bottom of the aether bridge airflow pins to allow contact with the non-standard pins at the base of the B80 Boro enclosure, weirdly specific but there you go!

The UB AIO breaks down easily enough for cleaning and installing your coils and the included tank has a nice modern fill bung on the front. You can also use the RBA in standard Boro tanks with the included chimney adapter. I must include a couple of words of warning here though as I found that the chimney section was quite a tight fit and stubbornly refused to go into a couple of my Boro tanks, and with the ones that it did cooperate with, I tended to find that when I unscrewed the 510 nut that this would frequently unscrew the chimney section along with it. As a result, I ended up using the included proprietary tank instead.

There are three airflow pins: 1mm, 2mm, and 3mm diameter, with the 3mm pin coming preinstalled. These are easy enough to change over but be aware that the whole RBA comes apart whilst you’re doing this so be sure to keep track of all the insulators and also bear in mind that the 1 and 2mm pins will need O-rings fitted from the spares bag before you use them as well. Whilst this isn’t the greatest spread of airflow options, it does at least cover the full range with a tight mouth to lung, restricted direct lung, and direct lung options.

The build deck is fairly basic but well laid out, but before you can put your first build in here, you’ll need to fit the included 510 pin adapter which simply screws into the bottom of the airflow pin.

Installing a coil couldn’t be any easier, and wicking was also simple with large ports leading to the underside of the build deck and additional ports along the side of the deck. In use I found that all the wicking appeared to be happening from the underside of the deck and you’ll want to make sure that there’s enough cotton here to fill the area up and prevent leaking. Flavour was pretty decent, and the wicking kept up well with zero leaking and barely any condensation build up on my first attempt, and as such I’d say that this is a really beginner friendly RBA/Bridge which makes it perfectly suited for this starter kit.


  • Budget friendly starter kit
  • Decent RBA section
  • Works well with most bridges


  • The included stock coil tank doesn’t work… Bin it!
  • The non-standard arrangement at the base of the Boro enclosure means that this won’t work with all bridges.


The Lost Vape Centaurus B80 AIO kit is a much more rounded kit than the Centaurus B60 especially as you get a halfway decent RBA/Bridge included in the package. Despite the non-standard pin arrangement at the base of the Boro enclosure, it still works with a wide range of Boro Bridges and tanks so despite its flaws, I’d say this is worth a look especially if you want to dip your toes into the world of Boro mods.

7/10 – Despite its flaws, it is still a bit of a bargain

Many thanks to Healthcabin for sending the Lost Vape Centaurus B80 AIO over for review.

This review was written by Antony Lord from POTV(Planet Of The Vapes), click to view original review.


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