Lost Vape Orion Q Review

Everyone that’s been vaping for a while will of heard of Lost Vape a Chinese manufacturer known for making mods in the slightly higher tier price bracket than your average Chinese company, mostly down to their use of Evolv’s dna boards, that coupled with nice designs and solid build quality

LV has however been known to remove that evolv board in favour of their own in some of their releases therefore bringing the price down, but still holding that build quality

That is exactly what LV have done here, last quarter of 2018 I believe it was when LV released the Orion go pod system utilising evolv’s newest 40w board with the major feature of their coloured boards the replay feature, allowing you to save your puff and replay it over again, but as with all the evolv boards that comes with a pretty hefty price tag

Enter the Lost Vape Quest/Q pod system and the removal of evolv’s board and LV’s own inserted, keeping the form factor but in the process more than halving the price, and a small change in the functionality


(In your LV Q box, the pod mod itself, only one pod, lanyard, usb cable & pretty vague manual)

So the LV Q

A pod system, relatively small in size at 93mm x 37mm x 13.5mm, made from ss according to most websites, but I’m not too convinced , could be ss, or an alloy like most mods these days. It has a nice weight to it without feeling heavy, feels quality if you know what I mean, not cheap and flimsy.

Noticeably larger than some other pod systems, however the Q boasts a pretty impressive 950mah battery capacity & that will charge fully in roughly an hour thanks to the 1amp charging

Your included 1ohm kanthal coiled pod, has a top fill (little screw top) adjustable airflow & a 2ml capacity, these also slide and lock into the body instead of a small magnet like the majority of other pods
Filling these is dead easy, just unscrew the little cap, revealing your more than large enough fill hole, easy and no leaks either

Having done away with evolv’s adjustable 40w board , LV have dropped in their own with a simple and pretty basic 17w output, non adjustable offering

As with most pods the operation is super simple 5 clicks on or off, and fire , that’s it , the only other thing is you battery level indicator led just above the usb will glow when you fire to tell you your battery level, blue 64 – 100%, purple 18 -64% red 17% and lower


To be honest I usually don’t like using pods as it’s way off from how I like to vape, however sometimes it requires something a little more discreet or you want that higher nic hit, I’ve actually used a handful of different pod systems and this one is by far the best,

Build quality of these is excellent it feels great in the hand, like an actual mod, something you might be pissed off about losing. The aesthetic is definitely a popular one as near on every pod systems released has pretty much copied the design

Ease of operation its a doddle , fill it and fire, something it has over the go dna version, where you can hook it up to escribe, fiddle and change numerous settings, none of that

Definitely something imo you could sort out a new vaper with, nothing to really worry about and the pods just lock nicely into position

How does it vape? What these have going for them is adjustable airflow just under the tip you can get a restricted lung hit off these if you wish, but I prefer it nearly closed off completely, for me getting a pretty nice mtl , needing that type of vape with some 12mg freebase juice in this. Using it like that for me resulted in a quite satisfying vape, flavour is also good , when I say that I mean for a pod, it blows the other pod systems I’ve tried out of the water, more likened to stock coil tank, not a typical pod system. It’s something I wouldn’t be annoyed at having to use it for a whole day out etc

New vapers or an out and about more discreet setup, this should have you covered

Cheers to @Healthcabin for sending this one over.

Any questions, fire away below

Cheers for reading

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