A Complete Nicotine Eliquid Guide in Australia 2020

vaping in australia

Vaping has become a trending that many countries have struggled to keep up with the pace smokers have been adopting it to replace the nasty habit of smoking. Governments are outcoming different regulations on vaping products, in USA, the FDA is asking manufacturers to submit PMTA, while in EU countries, all products need TPD certification. How about vaping regulations in Australia? In this article we will outline the rules on vaping and nicotine eliquid in Australia.

Is It Illegal To Vape In Australia?

No! Its not illegal to vape in Australia. Vaping in the whole country is legal and many people in Australia currently do, however we do suggest not to vape in those places: smoking banned, workplaces and in car with minors.

For nicotine eliquid issue, you can use them but cannot sell and promote them. Selling and promoting nicotine eliquid is not allowed in Australia, that is why you cannot buy any nicotine eliquid in your local vape shops, and need to buy nicotine eliquid online from foreign countries.

Is It Illegal to Import Nicotine into Australia?

Previously the government was planning to ban the nicotine importation but postponed.

The implementation timeframe for the proposed prohibition on the importation of e-cigarettes containing vaporiser nicotine has been extended by six months to 1 January 2021.

So before 1st Jan 2021, it is still legal to import nicotine eliquid into Australia. And you can import a 3-month supply of nicotine eliquid to Australia.

There is some debate about what a 3 month supply actually is but based on our shipping experience to Australia, there is no problem to buy 20 bottles of 50ml nicotine eliquid in an order.

You should also consider the import taxes when order anything with a value greater than $1,000. If you order over this amount you will have to pay GST.

Where to Order My Nicotine Eliquid?

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nicotine eliquid shipping options to Australia
Shipping Options

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