Special Pricing & Shipping for USA Customers

HealthCabin is committed to total customer satisfaction through providing consistently high quality products and services that meet or exceed the expectations of our USA customers. Based on this concept, we have set up 2 local warehouses in LA & NY, and a dedicated homepage for USA customers.

To celebrate this great event, we are offering some nice promotions for you, including pricing and shipping. Here we go:

1. Pricing & Reward Points

A.  VIP Price – You can get a much better price after log in.

B. 5% Reward Points – During the new site promotion, customers can get 5% Reward Points after order shipping. You can use reward points in your next order to save money.

Please note
· no points earned for all clearance products
· 1% points earned for all liquid products

2. Free Shipping Policy

USA customers can order products from 5 of our warehouses, including: Eastern USA, Western USA, HongKong, Shenzhen & Liquid warehouse.

Here we highly recommend you to order vaping hardware devices from our USA Warehouses, as you can get better shipping fee & fast delivery. 

us free shipping


3. Shipping Arrangement

For hardware orders, HealthCabin will arrange shipping from our USA local warehouses in priority, for items we do not have enough stock at local warehouses, we will arrange them shipped from HongKong or Shenzhen warehouses.


Based on USA local warehouse priority policy, customers can also check our stock level in each warehouse for all products to decide the quantity you need. Example:






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