Shipping Method Recommendation Update

Due to the effect of COVID-19, Healthcabin now recommends you to utilize FedEx IP as the primary choice for ordered mask only.

The information below is the period of time for FedEx IP:

1.Estimated 2 days to Japan & South Korea.

2.Estimated 4 days to Australia.

3. Estimated 8  days for ordering mask to the US.

For ordering mask:

1.Almost the same as usual in Asia area.

2. Australia & Europe will take more 2-5 days for transit (Consider custom check the item ).

Therefore, the FedEx IP Shipping Method is faster than other shipping methods.

April 23 Delivery Time Update

FedEx-IP is recommended if you purchase mask order.

For other orders, you may choose DHL & FedEx-IP.

About DHL

Recently, the order needs less than 3 days to arrange to send with DHL

You will be informed if there is any change, please pay attention to the latest logistics information.

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Healthcabin Team.

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