South Australia Banned eCig Online Sales

South Australia now has a regulation of sale and use e-cigarettes, also SA is the first state ban the e-cig sale online and email sale. Further more, banning e-cigarette products for sale to children, this Tobacco Products Regulation was passed by State Parliament in mid-Nov.

Not only restricting sales, using e-cigarettes in smoke-free areas are not allow, the new laws will ban it also, and ban the e-cigarettes retail sale without a license, and illegal for specials and price promotions as well as make e-cigarette advertising. Rule out In-store vaping and taste-testing.

Associate Professor Mendelsohn said these harshest regulations will destory the local vaping industry.

While, some young people use e-cigarette as a tool to help them quit smoking, and was proven. Vaping shop help the people away from tobacco, to help them access safer alternatives to smoking.

Associate Professor Mendelsohn said that vaping is a good a way to reduce smoking rate, help many people quit smoking all around the world, large studies show that people who vaping are more likely to quit smoking than the smokers who don’t use e-cig devices.

But the strict ban on e-cigarette online sales and advertisement would have great impact on rural customers, these regulations would push people back to tobacco. SA Health Minister Stephen Wade said he doesn’t buy this argument, he did not think the new regulations would make the existing smokers quit tobacco harder.