Sigelei Fuchai Squonk Review

Sigelei Fuchai Squonk

Ok guy’s. Apologies for the wait. I assure you it wasn’t a sales tactic but an indication of how busy it is at eyeball tower’s.
Now as I’ve said before I really let this one pass me by so I asked Maggie if I could sample one for POTV.
The Segelei fuchai squonker is a regulated single cell squonk mod with the ability to take 18650, 20700 and 21700 batteries. It tops out at 150w and has all the temp control functions we’ve come to expect. The bottle capacity is 6.5mls and comes nicely packaged with a single bottle and sub charge cable, this does have on-board charging via the usb.A Full instruction manual is also included
Now when I started vaping segelei where synonymous with high quality Chinese vape gear but due to a few issues with the tc set ups on the first fuchai regulated mods and the subsequent poor handling of this by their social media team they lost a little ground with vape fans and it’s probably why I overlooked this little fella on release.

Now the great thing about this mod is it also comes with a squonk bottle section cover so it can be switched over by swapping the covers (leaving the bottle in place if you choose) and used as a straight up regulated mod for tanks and drippers. Fantastic idea and it looks great

How is it eyeball.
I have been actually blown away by this little mod. Quality is first class, zero button rattle and a huge clear colour screen. Fire button is large, solid and comfortable and the supplied squonk bottle is the perfect firm/soft (if that makes sense) lol.
Most importantly, I’ve been using this exclusively all week as I’ve been busy and I’ve not had a single leak. Yeah.
On first look I thought it wouldn’t be comfortable as the fire button is on the opposite side to the squonking bottle. But it instantly felt perfectly at home in the hand with the thumb firing and the fingers doing the squonking.

Size wise considering this takes some big batteries its actually not much bigger than a coolfire 4 and is actually more comfy in the hand. It will take an rda up to 25mm without overhang too.

I’ve used some stainless and nife wire in tc mode with my rda and It’s been as accurate as any mod I’ve used baring possibly the DNA 75 mods. It’s also worked perfectly in temp control with the ni 200 crown coils in the crown 1 so that’s obviously a thing of the past.
Now I’ve blasted this thing up to full speed with a Kennedy 24 and flapton coils, clouded up my front room with the drop solo with some thick old juice at various wattages and used this all day long with the jorda bf and a 1ohm kanthal coil and it’s worked perfectly. No weird software quirks and no other surprises.
In short I’ve loved it so much I’ve prefered using it to my usual inbox mods so I’ve ordered myself one.
Battery wise it’s lasted a little longer than both the inbox and aleader killer with an 18650 and a lot longer than the new therion 75c.
With the new vapcell 21700 it’s given me two full days of mtl vaping which puts this as a perfect compromise between the portability of a single cell 18650 regulated squonker and a dual 18650 mod.
It feels well made and what more can I say. I love it.
Downside is the squonk bottle. You only get one included but you can order spares in packs of two from segelei for about nine dollars.
I’ve also found another one that fits and I will share a link later.
The 6.5mls isn’t an issue as by time your wicked up and the tube is full your nearer ten mls.
I can only say it as i see it but it really suits my style and is comfortable to use and doesn’t leak. Awesome.

Now as I said previously. This was supplied free for review by the lovely Maggie from @Healthcabin
It’s currently available at a bargain £29 from healthcabin.
I will be handing this onto another lucky ape shortly as usual (not a problem as I’ve ordered one myself). For transparency I can supply details if needed. But again I honestly have called it as I found it. You guys decide if it looks like it may suit you.


  1. Классное описание исчерпывающий обзор!!! Сам продукт просто великолепен)))


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