Smoant RABOX Mini Mod Review

Smoant RABOX Mini Mod Review

Hi, In this review i take a look at the RABOX Mini 120W Mechanical Mod from Smoant. The RABOX Mini 120W Mechanical Mod was supplied for the purpose of this review by Maggie from the Healthcabin.


The Rabox Mini is an improved version of the rather large and unergonomic Rabox 100W Mehanical Mod. The Mini version is much more ergonomic being the same size as a duel 18650 device, it has a top output of 120W, an extra constant output mode, loads of “in your face” LED’s added and has done away with the very loud beeping sounds when switching between modes.

In the Box

Smoant RABOX Mini


1X Smoant Rabox mini Mod
1X Usb charge cable
1X User Manual
1X Small tool gift

Aesthetics and Ergonomics

The Rabox Mini has a frame design which is hand welded and made from Stainless Steel, it is painted with durable high temperature ceramic paint. It’s quite an open device as the frame is only covered by perspex covers on the 2 sides and a stainless steel section on the top for your tank to sit. The frame looks a bit like the roll bars that are fitted to rally cars and unlike the Rabox 100W the Rabox mini isn’t too bad ergonomically and can easily be carried around with you. The aesthetics are all about being able to see the internals and all the lighting, through the perspex cover one side you can see the PCB board with a surround of LED lighting, this side has the micro USB port. The opposite side’s main feature is a black boxed in section that has “SMOANT RABOX MINI” in white (the lettering lights up when the device is fired. The front of the device has a ball bearing fire button about a third of the way down, the spine of the device has more visible internals and the mode switch positioned about a third of the way up. The bottom has horizontal bars for stability, moving to the top we have a 510 plate with gold plated, spring loaded 510. The device is impressively solid and seems very durable, i wouldn’t be too worried if i accidentally dropped it a few times not that i’m going to test the theory. Lastly the small tool gift you receive is a very nice fold up box cutter, i apologise to the responsible 99.9% of readers in advance but please keep it away from kids, it’s extremely sharp.

Rabox Mini Specs and Features:

1. Compact size: 86mm X55mm X31mm
2. Unique looking mod
3. Minimum Resistance: 0.10 Ohm
4. Max output power: 120W
5. Adjustable HIGH/MEDIUM/SOFT Mode
6. Built-in 3300mAh battery
7. Waterproof/Oilproof/Dustproof PCB
8. 7 different LED flashing modes
9. Can be charged through micro USB port and provide charging indicator.
10. Low battery protection/ Resistance protection/ over-heating protection/ Over-use protection
11. Black, Red, White colours available.

It’s Not a Mechanical Mod

The Rabox Mini is another device that’s been marketed as a Mechanical Mod when it clearly isn’t. As the vast majority will know any device with a chip that controls features of how the Device works makes it regulated. The Rabox Mini has all the safety features you would expect from a regulated device plus 2 constant output modes, it does have a direct output mode (soft mode on the device) which outputs the voltage of the battery just like a mechanical device but even in this mode it has all the safety features active.

Is A Device That Looks Like The Rabox A Bad Thing

Of course everybody is entitled to their opinion and many might believe it’s not a good thing to have a device like the Rabox Mini with it’s “Back to the Future” Look, and crude, square LED lights flashing like crazy, it certainly turns heads. But it’s that turning of heads that makes me believe a device like the Rabox Mini is a good thing, let me explain. If for example i was at the pub vaping on a more normal looking device nobody would even notice let alone care and outside go the smokers every 20 mins or so for their stinky. I took the Rabox to the pub and comments where made, interest shown and conversation struck up. People asked about the device, yes some thought it was a monstrosity but it was a talking point which then allowed me to talk about vaping more generally and i could see smokers showing genuine interest.

Nano Technology

The Rabox Mini has a special Nano Technology on the PCB which makes it waterproof, oil-proof, & dust-proof. The device needs this protection with it’s open to the elements design. I wouldn’t use this device with atty’s that leak, not so much that i don’t trust it’s nano technology capabilities but juice will get all over the insides of the perspex covers and good look managing to clean it off.

Smoant RABOX Mini

Using the Rabox Mini

I struggled to start with changing light effects, it says on the manual card 5 clicks turns the device on, 5 clicks turns it off and 5 clicks changes lighting mode, of course every time i tried to change lighting mode the device just turned off. I then read the rest of the card which tried to explain all the different light flashes for different safety features and in the end gave up, it’s written in such poor English i couldn’t understand any of it. Anyway the device is 5 clicks on and 5 clicks off, to change lighting modes is 3 quick clicks of the fire button, there is 7 different head turning modes and also off. The device has 3 modes, the lever switched down is soft mode (direct output), midway is medium mode (constant 4v) and the lever switched up is high (constant 5v), as you put the lever in any of the 3 positions there is a satisfying click. Inside the device on the side where the switch is there is a central green bulb, a lower blue bulb and a small LED at the top, all three light up when firing even with the main LED’s turned off but the important one that gives you your battery indication and safety warnings is the small top one. When the battery is between 81% and 100% it’s green when firing, 31% to 80% it lights blue, 5% to 30% it turns red and once the battery is less than 5% the light flashes 15 times and the device turns off. When charging the battery indication is exactly the same, once fully charged the green bulb lights up and stays on. There are all sorts of light flashing going on when one of the safety features is triggered but as i only had low battery protection kick in and non of the others and i couldn’t understand the destruction card i will just tell you the other features, they are resistance protection, no atomiser protection, short circuit protection, temperature protection and over vape protection. Manual card besides, the device is very easy and fun to use.


The Rabox Mini is not a device suitable for everybody and certainly not a starters device. It’s mainly suitable for RDA and RTA users. Unlike Variable wattage or even variable voltage devices where you adjust the device to suit you with the Rabox you need to build to suit the device, the device is best with builds between 0.2 and 0.4 with a 0.3 build being the very best in my opinion allowing great vaping using all 3 modes, just a question of preference.


I have used the Rabox Mini with the Zeus with a 0.38 build and the Wasp with a 0.29 build, i then did a new 0.32 build in the Zeus. I loved using the device every second, it fires without any noticeable delay and all 3 modes hit hard. The little lever for changing modes is cool and i love the ball bearing fire button. The 0.38 build worked well in direct output mode (soft mode) and on medium mode (constant 4v) but when having a few vapes in close succession on high (constant 5v) the vape did start to become dry. The 0.29 build on the Wasp worked great on all 3 modes and really gave a powerful vape on high, i then tried the Zeus again with a 0.32 build which again was great an all three modes. The device seems efficient as even with all those LED’s it gave the battery life that i would expect from a 3300mAh battery. When charging it also supports pass through and the frame will accommodate up to a 26mm atty without overhang.


A head turning device which with the right build performs great, not suitable for everyone though.


Solid device
3 modes
Mode Lever
Ball bearing fire button
Talking point
Head turner
Waterproof, Dust proof
In your face LED’s
Can turn main LED’s off
With right build performs excellently
Pass through
Decent battery life
Pass through


Only suitable for certain builds
Leaking E-liquid would get inside
Manual Card in very poor English

Smoant RABOX Mini Mod Price: $49.90
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