SMOK 10th Anniversary Sale – 20% OFF

SMOK 10th Anniversary Sale

Dear valued customers,

SMOK just celebrated its 10th anniversary few days ago. As a well-known vaping brand, SMOK always offers us a variety of product selections out of its huge capability of product development. To thank all your supports to SMOK and Healthcabin, here comes SMOK 10th Anniversary Sale for you to save more. Customers who love SMOK products, take the chance!!

All SMOK Products 20% OFF

20% OFF coupon code is available for all SMOK products, come join us and save more on your favorite items!!

Coupon code: SMOK20

Date: 15th – 22nd Jan, 2021 (-0600 GMT)

Retail Only

*Note: Don’t forget to sign in/create a new account to get the VIP price first.

20% OFF
  • Retail Only
  • Available for all SMOK Products 
More Less
Expired on: 22-01-2021

Pre-Anniversary Sale


  1. When you comment it puts a very warm and friendly touch to Health Cabin. 99% of the various vendors that I’ve purchased from over the 10 years I’ve been vaping have never done this, in fact I can’t recall ever seeing their photos. I like this personal touch.

    Thank you


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