SMOK Mag Baby Review

Hello! Today I am reviewing for you the Smok Mag Baby 50W Kit which includes the Smok Mag Baby 50W device and the TFV12 Baby Prince subohm tank. The kit is a mini version of their full-sized pistol-grip styled Mag kit. Has Smok properly loaded this mag, or is it just shooting blanks? Read below for my evaluation.

I have had the Smok Mag Baby Kit for 4 weeks now and feel I can give a fair assessment of its quality.

This kit was sent to me from HealthCabin for the purpose of a review.
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Smok Mag Baby​
Dimensions: 61.3mm x 46mm x 27mm
Weight: 144g
Built-in 1600mAh rechargeable battery
Power Range: 1W-50W
Output Voltage: 0.5V-9.0V
Modes: VW / TC (TI/Ni200/SS)
Resistance Range: 0.1ohm-2.5ohm (VW) / 0.05ohm-2ohm (TC)
Temperature Range: 200°F-600°F / 100°C-315°C
0.96″ OLED Screen
Protections: Short Circut, Over-Heat, Low Voltage
Firmware upgradable
TFV12 Baby Prince​
Diameter: 23mm base (26mm at widest point w/ bubble glass)
Height: 53.7mm
Weight: 55g
Capacity: 4.5mL (bubble glass)
Top Fill
Dual adjustable airflow
Stainless Steel construction
Patented locking mechanism
Includes Cobra Resin Drip Tip
Compatible with TFV8 Baby coils
Current color options include Black/Red, Red/Black, Silver/Black, Black/Prism, Gold/Black, Purple/Black, Green/Black, Navy Blue/Black, and Pink/Black. Each kit comes with a matching resin drip tip.

Mag Baby Mod
TFV12 Baby Prince Tank
1 x V8 Baby-Q2 0.6ohm Dual Coil
1 x V8 Baby-M2 0.25ohm Dual Coil
1 x Bubble glass
1 x Straight glass
USB cable
User Manual
Spare parts baggie

Turn On: 5 clicks
While on: 5 clicks to lock buttons
3 clicks to enter Menu (can do this while buttons are locked)
In Menu: Long press fire to make selection. Short press fire or up/down to scroll
In any mode: Fire + down to choose Mode
In Wattage Mode: Fire + up to choose strength (Normal/Hard/Soft)
In TC Mode: Fire + up to choose wattage
Turn Off: Enter Menu. Choose Power. Choose Off


SMOK Mag Baby Kit

SMOK Mag Baby Kit

Mag Baby Mod
SMOK Mag Baby Mod

TFV12 Baby Prince
TFV12 Baby Prince

TC Test Before
SMOK Mag Baby Kit
TC Test After
SMOK Mag Baby Kit

Smok Mag Baby

The Smok Mag Baby 50W Kit w/ TFV12 Baby Prince subohm tank is probably the smallest devices I’ve ever seen released. The mod itself is quite a bit smaller than my hand and maintains the same ergonomics as the original Mag kit, just in a much smaller package. This may not be good for you if you have large hands, though. After many weeks of use, I have to say, this little banger came through. But I’m getting ahead of myself. Let’s jump off this review and start at the best place possible: the top.

510: The Mag Baby has a fairly large, centered 510 plate to be such a small device. If you saw the images above, you noticed that the 30mm Zathog RDA ALMOST FITS!! Does it look ridiculous? Absolutely. But it DOES almost fit. Obviously 30mm is not going to be ideal to place on this, especially because you only have 50W to play around with, but you can definitely fit 28mm attys on it if you were so inclined.​

Layout: One side of the device houses your trigger-styled fire button and up/down buttons. The fire button is a little mushy, but always activates well. The up/down buttons are nice and clicky. There is no button rattle whatsoever. The opposite side has an accent plate and houses some venting​

The back of the device has a carbon fiber-style accent piece and houses your USB charge port and a reset button. The front of the device has your screen. Both the front and back of the device have venting along the top.​

Screen/Menu: The Mag Baby utilizes a 0.96″ OLED screen and the layout is typical of most Smok devices since the Alien. You are presented with a plethora of information that can almost be overwhelming, like sometimes I don’t know where the heck to look. You get used to it though and all that information is really nice to see on the screen. Really wish they would update the looks of it, though. At this point it just looks pretty dated, but it serves its purpose.​

The menu and UI of the Mag baby is quite simplistic and intuitive. 3 clicks to enter the menu, then scroll up or down to your desired path. Options are Mode (choose Wattage or select your TC type), Puff (view/reset puff counter), Settings (Stealth/Contrast/ADJ OHM (adjust initial ohm reading)/Download), and Power (power off device). The device has a few other shortcuts built into it as well. The shortcuts aren’t super obtrusive and work fine. I really like the ability to adjust mode type, wattage strength, and TC wattage through shortcuts. My only problem here is the device fires so quickly that it’s going to vaporize some juice whenever you use one of the shortcuts that utilizes the fire button. I mean, it’s nice that it hits so quickly, but it can be a bit annoying. My only real issue with the shortcuts is that there is not one to turn off the device. You have to scroll through your menu, choose power, scroll over to off, then hold the fire button. I really just want to be able to 5 click off, but they felt it was better utilized for locking the device. Not the route I would’ve went.​

TFV12 Baby Prince: The TFV12 Baby Prince is Smoks…I don’t know…feels like 30th rendition of their TFV series of tanks. I guess kudos to them for sticking with a naming scheme, but it gets fricken confusing. Anyway, it’s a TFV12 subohm tank. It’s pretty standard nowadays. I really like their top-fill locking mechanism. The button and swinging latch system are quite possibly my favorite style for that. Airflow on the tank is plentiful and adjusts open and closed on a stopper. The addition of a bubble glass is great, although, you’d be hardpressed to find a subohm tank that doesn’t include a bubble glass today.​

This is really my first smok subohm tank so it’s my first time really playing with Smok coils. I have to say, I was fairly impressed with the flavor from them. I know QC issues are is a fairly hot topic when it comes to Smok coils, but neither of mine were defective. I felt the Q2 coil had the best flavor, but seemed to fade out within 40-50mLs. The M2 had a bit less flavor but lasted quite a while longer. I say this alot, but I’m not a huge fan of subohm tanks. However, I could see how some people can like Smok tanks.​

Overall Performance: As a kit, I feel like the Mag Baby works really well. Power output was sufficient for the coils and I never had any firing issues. I also used a few different single coil attys on the device: Recurve, Ammit MTL, and Drop Solo. Power performance was actually really nice all around. For TC I used an AVS alien and an AVS triple core fused clapton. TC was performed between 420°F and 450°F with a TCR of 0.00105 at 45W. 450° seemed a bit on the warm side, and I found that my perfect vape was at 430°. Again, I can’t fault this device! TC performed quite well. If you missed the images from above, have a look at my BEFORE and AFTER shots for my TC test. The wick is almost completely bone dry and I did not receive one dry hit. I can’t speak for TC on past Smok devices, but I can say that the Mag Baby actually handles it well.​

One last note on performance. With the device being 50W and only 1600mAh, it can tend to drain fairly quickly, especially using it on the higher end of the wattage range, which I did (pretty much stayed at 45W). I have about a 30 minute drive to and from work and I used the device mainly during that time. By the time I got home it was less than half battery life. So this device may be better suited for those that are keeping it at a lower power range, especially if you are concerned about battery life. The good news is that the device pretty much takes less than an hour to charge, so you’re ready to go again in a relatively short amount of time.​

Final Thoughts

Small size
Large 510 plate
Screen information
Power Mode performance
TC Mode performance
Fire button a bit mushy
Maybe too small depending on your hands
Outdate display
No Off shortcut

There is not much that I can fault this kit for. It performed quite well in both Power and TC modes, and the size and ergonomics of it are really nice. I feel like Smok gets a bunch of hate around here, and it very well may be justified to those that have felt burnt in the past, I just haven’t had that experience and can’t ride along. While the tank wasn’t bad, if I were going to purchase this, I would probably do so without the tank. I really like the mod, I’m just not down with tanks as a whole.

Thank you for your attention ECF. I hope you all have a great week!

I want to give another shoutout to HealthCabin for giving me the opportunity to provide this community with this review. If you want to check them out, you can follow them on their Facebook or Instagram pages.

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