SMOK Morph 3 Review by Bob

SMOK Morph 3 Review by Bob-Cover

Hello and welcome to today’s review of a full size device and tank called as the title says the Smok Morph 3 with the T-Air Tank. The Morph 3 uses dual 18650 batteries to power the device and has 4 power modes including TC, power output maxes out at 230 watts. There are 6 different colors to choose from for the 0.96″ display screen and has a very simple and easy menu system to navigate and use. The 4 power modes are as follows, WATTAGE – NICKLE(TC) – TITANIUM(TC) – STAINLESS STEEL(TC), I am a wattage only vaper so I wont be able to give you any feedback on the 3 temperature modes included on this mod, I will give you my findings good and bad, lets get started.

  • 1pc MORPH 3 Mod
  • 1pc T-Air Sub Ohm Tank:
  • 1pc TA 0.2ohm Coil (Preinstalled)
  • 1pc TA 0.4ohm Coil
  • 1pc Bulb Glass Tube Replacement
  • 1pc Type-C Cable
  • 1pc User Manual
  • The Morph 3 has a luxury design with a soft leather outer wrap and a wide range of attractive colors. It has a full-color screen with several available themes.
  • In addition to providing full wattage control up to a maximum of 230 watts, the Morph 3 also has an adaptive wattage function that automatically reduces the output when the batteries are low to provide increased run time.
  • The Morph 3 offers a full array of safety features including short circuit detection, reverse battery detection, battery cell health and temperature monitoring, automatic coil recognition and more.
  • The included T-Air tank is SMOK’s latest design. Thanks to its top airflow vents, the T-Air tank operates in near silence and is extremely leak resistant. It uses a standard 810 drip tip, which means that you’re free to replace it with a third-party mouthpiece if you like. The T-Air tank uses a simple push-pull system for coil replacements.
  • All three of the available SMOK TA coils are optimized to provide excellent vapor production at lower wattages, which helps to ensure that the Morph 3 will last all day between battery charges.


Packaging is a lift off box top revealing the Morph 3 sitting in a plastic tray, under the tray the tank, spare glass tube, 2nd coil, spare O-rings and the charge cord with all your paper material resting on top of the components.

I think the appearance is nice and I really like the two leather look, the standard color covers the front half of the mod while a lizard scale leather covers the back on both sides with a thick metal center with the name of the device deeply embossed in it. I like the look a whole lot.

The T-Air tank is 24mm at it’s base but bubbles out with the blotted glass giving it a look that’s alright, by doing this they can keep the tanks tallness down and that makes it okay for me. You can fit up to a 28mm tank on top without any overhang if you wish, maybe even a 30mm will fit.

The 2 18650 batteries are loaded into the mod via the bottom trap door way, on my sample there was no movement in the battery door that has a stiff spring on it giving it a very strong feel. By pulling the switch toward the face the door releases,

I unwantedly tested the capabilities of how strong the battery door and for that matter the entire kit was including the tank. More on that latter. Inside the devices battery sled I notice that the sled has polarity markings as does the battery door itself.

The T-Air tank is a tank featuring a dual honeycomb top airflow system that should make all users happy, it has a lot of airflow but can be closed down to a very nice tight RDL vape.

Breakdown is your standard and The coils are plug and play but have 2 small tabs on them that need to line up with the 2 indents on the tank when installing a coil. The top cap opens with a quarter turn and the airflow ring is removable, fill port slots are nice and big.

Turning the attention to the mod now it’s nice that you have a choice of 6 separate colors screens to choose from but it’s lacking a brightness control that it really needs. In bright sunlight it’s very hard to see the display screen but indoors it’s manageable.

I guess once you set it up with your own personal settings and lock the adjustment rocker switch the only thing you need to pay attention to is the battery bars.

I took some photos of the 6 different color screens. The display is laid out well with your information, fonts are good size I just wish it was brighter.


I really like the look of the device so appearance box is checked and having 6 separate colors to use on the screen is a nice bonus but it’s dim display screen is a real shame . I also noticed that when the battery bar drops to halfway the 8 second vape cutoff drops to 4 seconds on the device that was sent to me, that’s the length of my vape anyway but you need to know this.

As far as far as the tank goes the flavor is very good, so much so that I never needed to go past 53 watts on the 0.2Ω mesh coil that’s rated for between 50-70 watts, the 0.4Ω mesh coil rated for between 20-45 watts gave me great flavor at 25 watts.

Airflow is smooth with no chop or slop in it and I saw no need to change out the drip tip for one of my own because it’s very comfortable.

I told you earlier that something happened concerning how I feel on the strength of the kit as a whole tank included. Right before starting this review I wanted to get one more picture but the lighting was bad so I had to hold the device up with the tank installed on it about 5 feet to get good light for the picture and it fell out of my clumsy hand right on my hard tile floor ( 5FEET ).

I thought for sure the tank was broken along with the mod ( it hit real hard ) but to my surprise that tank was still intact on top the mod, the battery door didn’t open either so I pressed the fire button to take a vape and it was if nothing happened, it can take some abuse and I hope that never happens again with anything.

I would like to thank Sue and HealthCabin for providing the Smok Morph 3 Kit for the purpose of this review and thank you to all of you that read my reviews.

SMOK Morph 3 Review by Adam-Cover

This review was written by bigbob2322 – Bob from ECF, click to view original review there with more photos and more details.


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