Teslacigs WYE II Mod Review by Thevapeman

wye ii 215w

Ok to start off I want to show you www.healthcabin.net who kindly sent this item across for photos and review so please go and check out there site and show them some love on social media………..

Right than guys so as you have seen we have the teslacigs WYE II in to look at.

Ok so this is a twin 18650 that’s kicking 215w. its 86mm/56mm/30mm and is a shocking 72g (without tank and battery’s) but still thats shockingly light. Its made up of pc+abs (plastic) with an OLED display

Its got what teslacigs are calling a “smart chip”. Whats that? so it reads the coil and picks the best wattage for the build. personally it reads a bit low for me but I am a high wattage vaper.

I have been sent the black but is also available in


blue and purple

red and black

blue and gold

We have an output of 7-215w that builds in 0.5 increments so 7.5w =50amp

we also have a soft, normal, and hard function with a user mode that can be set within the menu using graphic bars. That can be stored in memory mode with 3 memory banks to do so.

it holds a temp range off 100-300 c thats 200-600 f for all you temp Controle fans out there.

in the box you gonna get

1pc WYE 2 Mod
1pc USB Cable
1pc User Manual

So what do I think?

So ive been running this mod all day every day for a week now. Im impressed with it its been hitting well on dripper and stock coil. its a light mod and fits very well in the hand with an easy menu.

I cared out a drop test from the hight that would be an average standing hight all three times coped very well there is a very small chip on the corner of the last drop onto tarmac but all in all coped very well not even opening the battery door.

Battery life is as to be expected I am running about the same times as the voodoo drag and the geekvape legends thats allowing me about 12 h but that will be dependent on what wattage battery’s and build your using also on how much you vape

I can only find one con and its not much the battery door is held in with little plastic clips that 1. makes it hard to open from new and 2. I don’t know how long they will hold out in every day use BUT thats a very tiny thing when your paying less than £50 for a mod even if that holds out for 6 months than you have had a bargain

so all round its a cracking little mod for all day use and very light so its a good feel in the hand and pocket. Play with the user mode and get it just how you want it you could end up with a go to mod so again a good job from teslacigs. its also a good looking mod with good buttons and I hard to break frame (not like some companies)

all round its a bloody good mod and a 9/10 from me not only that it looks very good and easy in the hand

guys I want to thanks health cabin again for there Surport so please visit there site and shoe them some love

also pick this mod up at health cabin for just £42.60

(there will be an unbox/review video posted this coming week ive been ill and have no voice at the moment so ill keep you all posted on that one)

soooooooooo its goodbye and vape safe from me guys


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