Uwell Dillon EM Review by Bob

Uwell Dillon EM Review by Bob-Cover

Hello folks and welcome back for today’s review of true innovation in a pod device that I have to say really blows my mind. With tanks especially years ago some were made with juice flow controls so you were able to adjust the juice intake entering the build deck’s wick slots, sometimes flooding was a issue and the juice flow control solved the issue.

Fast forward years ahead and we now have pod systems that can have the same issue of flooding and or leaking especially if left unattended or not being vaped for a period of time. Uwell has solved this problem with a juice flow shield surrounding the coil that automatically opens when taking a vape and then closes when finished preventing any excess juice to build up inside the coil.

They call this innovative technology ( EM-LOCK ) and uses electromagnets to accomplish this. This was a long introduction but it’s truly amazing, the pod itself is clear so you can see as well as hear the shield in action. There are some other great features in the Dillon pod I’ll go over later on in my review.

  • 1pc Uwell Dillon EM Device
  • 1pc 0.6ohm Uwell Dillon EM Integrated Coil Cartridge
  • 1pc 0.9ohm Uwell Dillon EM Integrated Coil Cartridge
  • 1pc Type-C Charging Cable
  • 1pc User Manual
  • Size: 21.6×24.1×95.9mm
  • Battery: 900mAh (internal)
  • Display: Indicator light
  • Output: 25W max
  • Type C USB charging – 2A charge rate
  • Resistance range: Not specified
  • Capacity: 2.5ml (Standard) / 2ml (TPD)
  • Compatibility: Dillon EM pod cartridges
  • Auto draw
  • Two airflow options
  • Automatic juice locking mechanism
  • Side fill (optional child resistant port)


I have to say that I still get a little more excited when a device is packaged nicely like the Dillon is, there is a simple external box with clear plastic box encasing the Dillon device with the 0.6Ω mesh pod already installed. At the very bottom of the outer box is a smaller cardboard box containing the 2nd pod, USB-C charge cord and user manual in pamphlet form.

Bringing the device to full charge was the fist order of business and that’s when I noticed the battery strength indicator light, in there is a battery strength indicator light on both side of the device. Manufacturers send devices fully charged but pretty close.

The Dillon uses a 3 color system for the strength of the battery and they are Green, Blue and Red. The Dillon was already in the green when I began charging it.

  • GREEN – 100 – 60% FULL
  • BLUE – 60 – 30% FULL
  • RED – 30% AND UNDER

The pods attach to the device using magnets as most do and the pod stays in place very well. At the bottom of the pods there are 2 airflow holes with 1 being slightly smaller than the other, to adjust airflow simply rotate the pod 180°, there are only 2 selections for airflow and there isn’t a dramatic difference of the 2.

One is more of a semi tight to loose while the other is a looser draw. I think everyone should be happy with either choice unless you like a very tight MTL vape.

For safety reasons during the shipping process a thin piece of plastic is placed over the pod contacts so don’t forget to remove it before vaping. I would suggest filling and leaving the pod sit for 10 minutes.

The fill port is side mounted using the rubber plug method, I like that Uwell made the pod clear so there is no problem seeing your juice level from either side of the device. There is also a minimum fill line on one side of the pod, on the other side the word FOCS will act as your fill line.

Installing the pod after filling it up and waiting 10 minutes I installed in the Dillon device and saw and heard the juice flow shield in action which really blew my mind because it really works and works well.

I immediately began chain vaping and it work every time, I did it so much that I got a little Nic sick but I wanted to see if I could get it to fail but it worked flawlessly every time.

I had a difficult time getting the action on pictures until I realized just putting the pod in the device would engage it as well. Hear are a couple shots of it in action, pay close attention to the wings on either side of the coil, they are what control the shield or gate as I call it around the coil.

As most of you know Uwell coils produce great flavor and the coils inside these pods are no exception, flavor really pops and either airflow setting in smooth with no chop or slop to it. It’s fairly quiet as well.

Having no external buttons or airflow controls really make the device truly streamlined and very attractive although on the blocky side but it’s short so it doesn’t bother me. I also like the rear of the device having thin groves vertically, I think it’s attractive from any angle you look at it.


Well it should come to no surprise after my review how much I really like the Dillon, I wish all devices had this tech. Having wattage set internally by way of the chipset reading the ohm’s applied for each pod works great, I never had a vape that seemed over or underpowered even when the battery strength was in the red. The auto draw also works very well.

Being a reviewer I get so many devices come in at the same time that eventually left sitting without use begin to leak or seep juice, this will happen to any pod or RTA tank or drop in coils for that matter. The ( EM-LOCK ) stops that from happening.

If you travel in a airplane the pressure changes at different altitudes will make your pod, drop in coil tank or RTA leak, this solves that problem as well. Well folks that about covers it, the only 2 cons that are more of wishes is for a 1200mAh battery even though tis 900mAh is sufficient enough and a larger pod say 4mls in capacity. Every thing else is all pros and I highly recommend the Dillon Pod System 100%.

I would like to thank HEATHCABIN for providing the the Dillon Pod System from Uwell, here is a link to the Dillon at HEATHCABIN if you wish to purchase it there. Thank you to all of you that read my reviews as well.

This review was written by bigbob2322 – Bob from ECF, click to view original review there with more photos and more details.


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