Uwell Whirl S Staff Review – Top Level AIO Vape Pen

Uwell Whirl S Review

Previously we have introduced the Uwell Whirl S by comparing it with other AIO vape pens, learn more here. We also get some samples to test, so today we will share the Uwell Whirl S review by HealthCabin staffs. Over 10 HealthCabin staffs have joined the Uwell Whirl S testing, in this post, we will share some of their real thoughts on the Uwell Whirl S starter kit.

Uwell Whirl S wholesale

Appearance & Texture

Staff A: The matel body is stylish, it looks elegant and feels solid at hands, though it is not convenient to bring it in pockets as it is a bit heavy. I really enjoy it in my office.

Staff B: It is good to see them make the pod inserted into the vape pen body, that is a good innovation design compared to other AIO vape pens, and you can adjust the airflow at the bottom of the pod.

Staff C: It feels solid and good at hands, but you may leave some fingerprints on it. I also have a lanyard on it, not too heavy to have it on the neck, and no worry it will leak and ruin your T-shirt as the pod is built into the vape pen.

Staff D: Wonderful appearance. The connection between the pod and device is strong, no rattle when you shake it, the replaceable 510 drip tip is great.

Staff E: It looks beatiful. The coil lock design is amazing, my child cannot open it by himself.

Staff F: High-end design, love it.


Staff A: The flavor is amazing even when the airflow all open. It delivers very good flavor. Very good MTL experience, but not good for RDL.

Staff C: Excellent flavor, and I did not feel any flavor drop after 2 refills.

Staff D: Good flavor, and did not feel any flavor drop after 4 refills with the same coil.

Staff F: It delivers very good flavor.

Function & Coils

Staff A: Long coil life span, and the flavor is still good after 5 refills. Most importantly, the coil is able to recover from dry hits – when you refill the pod after getting a dry hit, you will not get any bad flavor again.

Staff D: Did not feel any flavor drop after 4 refills with the same coil, and it is very easy to use – top fill, adjustable airflow, auto draw.

Staff E: It’s great that it supports both button trigger and auto draw, should be the first of this style AIO vape pen.

Did it Leak?

Staff A: It never leaks, Uwell did a good job to handle the leaking & condensation problem on Whirl S.

Staff B: No, it did not leak, very good vaping experience.

Staff C/D/E/F: Never leaks.

Uwell Whirl S Review: Pros & Cons


  • Amazing flavor
  • Great MTL experience
  • No leaking/condensation problem
  • Coils are able to recover from dry hits
  • Button trigger & auto draw
  • Easy top fill
  • Adjustable airflow
  • Replaceable 510 drip tip
  • Glass windows to check juice level
  • Long lasting battery & long coil life
  • Type C charging


  • A bit heavy to carry it in pockets

Coil life
Design & Quality
Easy to use
Value of money
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