Uwell Whirl S Review by Tofanger

Uwell Whirl S Review by Tofanger-Cover

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Uwell Whirl S Review by Tofanger

Uwell’s Whirl S is an all-in-one electronic cigarette that will conquer new vapers but also seasoned users who want to own a simple and effective ecigarette.

Only 122 mm high, the Whirl S starter is one of the good students in the category of pocket electronic cigarettes.
The Whirl S Uwell accumulates points and has a generous built-in 1450 mah battery!

To operate the Whirl S Starter it is not necessary to have a lot of knowledge in e-cigarettes …
The filling is done directly from the top by unscrewing the top cap and the coil change is done from the bottom of the 2 ml capacity tank.
Uwell gets to the point and that’s great news!

Within the tank takes place a resistance UN2 Meshed-H 0.80 ohm which faithfully restores the flavors and delivers beautiful clouds of vapor.

Within the Whirl S Starter takes place a UN2 Meshed-H resistance of 0.80 ohm which ensures an excellent restitution of flavors and a beautiful production of vapor.

Technical Characteristics

The Uwell Whirl S Kit is built with a 1450mAh battery and a max power of 18W. It has a 2ml capacity and an easy top filling system.

  1. Maximum power of 18 W
  2. 2ml capacity
  3. FeCrAI UN2 Meshed-H 0.8ohm coil with Pro-FOCS flavor testing technology
  4. Refillable tank and replaceable coil
  5. Easy filling system
  6. 6.Adjustable airflow can freely enjoy RDL and MTL
  7. Direct vape or indirect vape
  8. Top cap child safety (only for the CRC version)
  9. Coil lock design
  10. Type-c charge
  11. E-liquid level window design
  12. The tank can be cleaned under running water.
  13. Magnetic connection between tank and device
  • Size: 20 * H122mm
  • E-juice capacity: 2ml
  • Material: stainless steel, quarta glass
  • Coils: FeCrAI UN2 Meshed-H 0.8ohm Coil
  • Maximum power: 18 W
  • Battery capacity: 1450mAh
  • Fill type: top fill
  • Airflow: Adjustable airflow, free to enjoy RDL and MTL

Good Points

  • Good restitution of flavors
  • Tight or airy vape of your choice
  • Minimalist and discreet design
  • Ease of use

Negative Points

This review was written by Tofanger from Youtube, he also took an unboxing video for Uwell Whirl S Kit, click the video directly to view.

Vape production
Restitution of flavors
Build quality
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