Vandy Vape Jackaroo Mod, 6 weeks, a Review


Hello folks, I was sent a Vandy Vape Jackaroo for the purpose of review from HealthCabin, this fact will not affect my personal opinion in any way, shape or form.

Well, this one I have 3500 hits on, so I’ve put it through it’s paces, up front not one issue really, well maybe 2 minor issues.
I really like this mod, it’s made very well, the fit and finish is high end, I was sent a Green Anaconda G10, kind of a darkish green and a little black mix, highly textured, the whole mod had a rubbery feel, fits perfect in the hand, it does have a solid feel and has some weight to it.
The 510 is gold plated and has a medium spring, no issues with any tank I screwed on, SS threads.
The fire button protrudes just right and is clicky and is a nice size, easy to find, the + & – button is a toggle and again, it’s clicky.
Nice and big screen, it’s brightness is adjustable, from dim to very bright, and it is adjustable to 8 color schemes, I like that!
The Jackarroo menu is easy to navigate, 5 clicks on or off, 4 clicks to adjust the pre heat watts in TC, 3 clicks to adjust the Mode, Power and + to lock the mod and you can set it to lock all 3 buttons or just the + & -.
The mod has Power, V, BP, SS, TI, NI. It also has 5 Memory’s settings for Curve settings in each mode, I like that!
The battery door/screw in cap has smooth threads, it has a swing down to use to screw it in or off. Now I want to talk about the battery cap, I caught several vid reviews and the reviewers complained about the swing down, said they could not get their pointer finger nail in to to swing it open, one reviewer even said the swing down scraped the top of his finger, there is even a hack on YouTube to file the swing down.
Well, well, well, the thing works perfect with the tip of my Pinky Finger, every time, personally I think it was designed that way.

One thing I found out when I first received my Jackaroo, only one mode worked, Power, no sign of the other Modes, so I get online and do some review watching and not one but three reviewers say check Vandy Vape site for a firmware update, I do and nope!
So I go back to the mod and get more familiar with the menu and find there is a toggle for each mode to turn on or off, I turned them all on, no problem.

The Jackaroo is advertised as Shockproof, Dust Proof and Water Proof, I tested all three. I dropped the hell out of it, hit the deck in a parking lot, check. I carried it in my jeans pocket, dust proof, check, I was laying in bed one night watching the tube and vaping with the Jackaroo, I had the Nexmesh OFRF screwed on and grabbed it by the glass to remove it and unscrewed from the base, lost 5ml of juice all over the mod and on my Spiderman PJ’s. Jumped up and ran to the kitchen, paper towels, got the rest of the tank off, turned on the warm water in the kitchen sink, squirted Dawn Dish Liquid all over the mod, grabbed a sponge and washed the hell out of the Jackaroo. Patted dry the mod, shook it off, grabbed my air in a can, blew it off, cleaned the Nexmesh, refilled and vaped away, checked the mod before I vaped, no water behind the screen, no water in the battery compartment, It’s waterproof, Check, and that is the extent of Vapin’s scientific testing.

The two things that I noticed worth mentioning are, the battery hatch does not screw on flush, you get a little wobble when you sit the mod down and one of my 21700 did not make contact all of the time, a little shake of the mod and it was good.

I used 2 Ijoy 4000mah 21700’s the whole time, with the way I vape, I got a day per battery, the mod comes with a 18650 adapter and a USB cable, a allen wrench to remove the panels and a USB is behind the main screen for updates.

So thanks for reading, the Jackaroo I like very much and I do recommend it, it’s solid and so good to look at and hold in the hand.

I thank Cortana with HealthCabin for giving me this opportunity.



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