Vandy Vape Pulse Dual 18650 Mod


Vandy Vape’s Pulse Dual 18650 Mod, a dual battery squonk mod, that adds to the Vandy Vape Pulse Squonk family lineup. But how does it perform?

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Vandy Vape’s Pulse Dual 18650 mod, is a latest edition to enter the popular Pulse family line up of squonkers. However, it is the only member of the family that does not look like any of the others, perhaps it is more of a distant cousin. Aesthetics aside, the Pulse Dual features an upgraded Vandy Chip powering the mod, allegedly to 220 watts. But does the new design and tweaks make for a winner ? Let’s delve in and find out.

What’s in the box?

Box Contents

Vandy Vape Pulse Dual 18650 Mod Box Contents
1 x Pulse Dual 18650 Mod
1 x USB
1 x Instruction Manual
1 x Warranty Card
1 x Quality Control Certificate


Packaging for the Vandy Vape Pulse Dual is finished nicely with laminated imagery of the mod on the front and side of the outer sleeve. Additionally on the opposing side we have an Instagram QR code, scratch and check authenticity. Furthermore there is also the colour of the enclosed mod, in this case Black / Red, and usual safety and recycling icons at the bottom. Moreover on the back you have, the kit contents, Vandy Vape website and business information. Meanwhile it is very nice to see the protection functions of the Pulse Dual listed on the back.

The inner packaging is a nice black box with the Vandy Vape logo and the slogan “FULL STEAM AHEAD” in silver on the front, and business details on the back. Inside the inner packaging we are greeted with the Pulse Dual 18650 mod, and a box housing the USB cable. In addition, underneath is where you will find the user manual, warranty card, and quality control certificate.

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Build quality

Vandy Vape Pulse Dual 18650 Mod

Manufacturing of the Pulse Dual 18650 is very nicely done, and finished with a lovely matte black paint work, even the 510 plate is a matte black. Further more all milling and cut-outs are crisp and clean.


As a dual battery squonk mod, the 510 is not central, and the fire button sits above the squonk bottle and its removable panel. Thus you can squonk without the need of changing hands or fiddling about. While the 510 is not central, it is well cut.

It is important to note that the central pin is only marginally spring mounted, and moves approximately 0.5 mm, maybe 1 mm max. Resulting in possibly having to adjust the RDA’s central pin instead.


Vandy Vape’s Pulse Dual feels wonderfully sturdy and robust in the hand, and presumably made from Zinc Alloy. However the removable panels for the squonk bottle are semi-transparent, and are well made from semi-transparent PC (Polycarbonate). Consequentially, the transparency of the panels gives a cheap feel about them. A point of note however, this is a personal preference, and many out there love transparent vape kits.


The buttons are good and responsive, with a reassuring clicking sound, and no annoying movement. Furthermore the chamfered edging on the fire button, is just perfect for the finger to rest on . While the cut out for the squonk bottle again matches the fingers superbly. However the downside to the fire buttons shape, is that you are tied into only firing the mod one way. As a result, trying to thumb fire the mod just feels completely cack handed.

Squonk Bay

Unquestionably an interesting part of the design of the Vandy Vape Pulse Dual 18650 mod is the squonk bottle housing, which is separated from the battery bay. Additionally whilst only held in place with small magnets, they are suitably strong, and well matched for the task.

Furthermore its plastic surround just pulls of giving fast access to the bottle. The refillable squonk bottle connects and disconnects super easy, thanks to its very short tubing on the Pulse Dual’s 7 ml bottle.

OLED Screen

Visability of the screen is nice and crisp while being fairly bright, however by default this is only set at 50% brightness, but more on that later.

Battery Compartment

As the name suggests the Vandy Vape Pulse Dual 18650 Mod is a dual 18650 squonk box mod. It should be pointed out that that the battery compartment is a tight fit. Additionally if you are using re-wrapped 18650’s they may not fit or worse get stuck.

On the underside of the mod is the battery door, which looks nice with its detailing and with Tony B’s signature. However this is where the love for the battery door stops, as it is super stiff and the grip groove is so shallow it is pointless. As a result, you end up trying to grab it either which way. Furthermore if you have over squonked even slightly, it could end up in a bit of a mess, as you try to push the battery door’s open.


Vandy Vape’s Pulse Dual 18650 stands at 75.3 mm tall, 41.7 mm wide, and 52.9 mm deep from front to back. While this may sound like a monster, the above measurements are at the widest point. Moreover the Vandy Vape Pulse Dual 18650 is actually shorter in height then the Pulse X.

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Vandy Vape Pulse Dual 18650 Mod

Powered by an updated Vandy chip, the Pulse Dual supplies up to 220 watts offering the user plenty of power. Additionally the Vandy Vape Pulse Dual hosts an array of features. Importantly designed to keep the user safe, whilst providing an enjoyable method of vape.

Safety Features

  • Short circuit protection
  • Over heating protection
  • Battery Management System
  • Open circuit protection
  • 10s switch time out protection
  • Over-current protection

Getting Started

Turning on the Pulse Dual is via the usual 5 clicks of the fire button. Where you are greeted with a pulse animation, which is a bit of fun to see. Markedly to lock and unlock you hold the fire button and the up button simultaneously.

Menu Operation

The layout of the menu system is a bit different on the Vandy Vape Pulse Dual. Moreover it takes no real time for someone to get used to the way of doing things. However like most mods you may need to refer to the manual for the temperature control sub menus.

Furthermore until you enable the options you can only use Wattage mode on the Pulse Dual.

To gain access to the menu, is via pressing the up and down buttons at the same time. Additionally, manoeuvring around the Root menu is via the up and down buttons, while the fire button selects the options.

Root Menu

  • Plugin Function (Spanner Icon)
  • DIY 1 – 5 (Custom Modes)
  • VER – Shows Firmware Version
  • ID – Shows the Vandy Chip ID

In addition under the Plugin Function, things change and are not what you may expect. For example it is not to select the mode, but to enable or disable the mode from being choosable.

Furthermore for some reason I can’t imagine, the way you move and select the options is different to the root menu. In order to move around instead of the up and down buttons it is instead the fire button. Additionally to turn on or off a feature the up button is on and down button is off.

Plugin Function (Spanner Icon)
TC Enable / Disable Temp Control Mode
V Enable / Disable Voltage Mode
BP Enable / Disable Bypass Mode
ST Alter Standby Time Out in seconds
BRI Change the brightness level of OLED screen
FIR Enable / Disable Fire Button Lock when lock is used
PRST Puff Counter Reset
RST Restore Factory Settings

Now to just add more confusion to the mix when you enter the Restore Factory Settings the manoeuvring and selection of options has reverted back again to the same as the Root menu.


Once activated via the Plugin Function to cycle through the enabled modes you press the fire button 3 times in quick succession, followed by the up and down buttons. Additionally the fire button selects the mode.

  • P (Power Mode -Wattage)
  • BP (Bypass Mode)
  • V (Voltage Mode)
  • SS (Stainless Steel Temperature Control)
  • NI (Nickel Temperature Control)
  • TI (Titanium Temperature Control)

P (Power Mode)

In power mode you are able to set the wattage from 5 W to 220 W.

Basic Root Menu via holding + – buttons simultaneously.

BP (Bypass Mode)

In essence a protected Mechanical Mod mode, where the voltage is sent to the coil at its maximum, dependent on level of charge.

Basic Root Menu via holding + – buttons simultaneously.

V (Voltage Mode)

Similarly to wattage mode with the exception that you are setting the voltage output as opposed to the wattage.

Basic Root Menu via holding + – buttons simultaneously.

SS / NI / TI (Temperature Control Modes)

Temperature control functions with Stainless Steel (SS), Nickel (Ni), and Titanium (Ti).

While pressing the fire button quickly four times allows the wattage to be changed.

Further more access to further options are now available in the Root Menu Via holding the + – buttons simultaneously.

  • F C – Change between ˚C or ˚F
  • Ω Set – Set the ohm value
  • TCR – Set the Temperature Coefficient Rating

DIY 1 – 5

DIY are custom mode options that allows changes to the Custom Power Curve (CCW) or Custom Temperature Curve of the selected mode option. Additionally to cycle through the available options is the same 3 clicks of the fire button, followed by the up and down buttons.

However to enter in the Curve adjustment menu is via four clicks of the fire button. Moreover the up and down buttons change the curve setting. While the fire button moves to the next changeable curve setting. Once finished changing the settings hold the fire button continuously until you have exited the curve option.

To exit the DIY mode on the Vandy Vape Pulse Dual go into the menu via holding the up and down buttons simultaneously, scroll down to the exit arrow and select with the fire button.

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Vandy Vape Pulse Dual 18650 Mod
Pulse Dual 18650 Mod Dimensions 75.3 x52.9 x 41.7mm
Output Power Range 5 W – 220 W
Battery type, and quantity 18650 x 2
Material Possibly Zinc Alloy, PC, Silicone
Resistance Range 0.05 – 3 Ω, 0.05 – 1.5 Ω (TC Mode)
Output Voltage 0.5 – 8V
Temperature Control Range 100 ˚C – 315 ℃ / 200 ˚F – 600 ℉


Vandy Vape’s Pulse Dual 18650 mod is a nice dual battery squonk mod, however it does have a good few niggling points.

Firstly no extra squonk bottles are supplied, nor spare tubing, which is disappointing. Furthermore you have to spend more money, if you wish to have spares, which is always a good idea.

Secondly this mod is designed solely for finger firing, whilst not a major hangup for myself, it will be for a great many people.

Thirdly another bitter disappointment is the 510 centre pin with its very limited throw of approximately 0.5 – 1 mm. Therefore it is better to treat the Dual Pulse 510 centre pin as non-adjustable, and adjust the RTA’s centre pin.

Fourthly while the menu isn’t the easiest to start with, you quickly get used to it. But why is there different ways of moving and selecting in the menus? It is unneeded and confounds the usage of the menus further.

Finally, the battery door is so stiff, even without batteries in. While there is a dipped region to allow for grip, it fails miserably. Moreover your fingers fly out, the only way to open and close the battery door, is by turning the mod upside down and pulling hard on the outside edges. As a result things could get very messy there is liquid in the RDA.


It’s fair to say that the Vandy Vape Pulse Dual doesn’t bring any major revelations, or renovations to the squonk market.

However, despite the issues with the stiffness of the door, which is probably a less than perfect model, and would normally be returned. Nevertheless, the Vandy Vape Pulse Dual 18650 mod is a good and reliable dual squonk mod. Furthermore the build quality coupled with the ergonomics of the mod itself is reassuringly solid, whilst remaining comfortable. As a result making it perfect for an all day squonker.

Additionally when it comes to the menu, I love the feature of being able to remove modes, or plugins as Vandy Vape refers to them. Making for a super easy switching from wattage mode, to temperature control SS if that is all I had enabled. Without a doubt performance is good and responsive from the updated Vandy chip, and whilst the mod has much to like it does have a few points that make it slightly less idea for some.

Sadly there a few points that are disappointing and need reminding the user of. Firstly the 510 centre pin’s lack of travel. Secondly the lack of additional spare squonk bottle and tubing, so if you get yourself a Pulse Dual 18650 mod, you might want to stock up on a few spares at the same time.

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Pulse Dual 18650

$37.66 when logged in









  • Comfortable to use
  • Separate Squonk bay
  • Small for dual battery squonk
  • Sturdy


  • 510 Centre Pin non-adjustable
  • Menu navigation method changes
  • Stiff battery door


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