Vandy Vape Pulse III Review by Ben

Vandy Vape Pulse III Review by Ben-Cover

Squonkers are very comfortable devices used in the world of vaping, as they have a bottle that when squeezed fills the bay of the RDA that is mounted in the mod. In this case I bring you one of the most recognized on the market, the Pulse III by Vandy Vape.

Thanks to Sue from HealthCabin for sending me this product. I encourage you to visit her page and see her information about the Pulse III.

  • New easy fill bottle
  • 95W with Watts, TC, Bypass
  • Powered by 21700 battery, or 18650 battery with adapter
  • Replaceable panel
  • Waterproof chip/PCB
  • Provide the panel DIY blueprints for users
  • Various panels are customized for you
  • Type-C fast charging
  • Safety protection: Open Circuit/Over-current/10 S Cut-off/Short Circuit/Over-temperature/Low-battery Warning Protection
BrandVandy Vape
Product NamePulse V3 Mod
SizeLength: 52.5mm, Height: 92.5mm, Width: 26.2mm
Vaping Time10S
Battery21700 battery, or 18650 battery with (18650 adapter), battery is not included
Output Power5W-95W
Output Voltage0.5-6.0V
Quiescent Current<20UA
Working ModeWW/BPNV/TC
TC Control200-600℉ 100-315℃
Charging Input Voltage5+0.25V
Atomizer Resistance0.05-3.0Q(+5%)
Charging Input Current1000MA(+5%)
Maximum Output Current Protection34A
ColorBlack, Frosted Blue, Jelly Yellow, Frosted Black, Frosted Purple, Mint Green


The product comes in a rectangular box of varied colors, thus forming a mixture of greens, blues, yellows and purples. This makes it a very attractive packaging in combination with the silver letters. In the center we see the shape of the product in question, the Pulse III, in fact, its own name is indicated above. Below right we see that it is made in collaboration with Tony B, like many of the Vandy Vape products.

On the side a bluish color is maintained. We see a small “ drawing ” of the Pulse III in a frontal perspective. Besides that, we didn’t find anything new, just the brand of the product itself, the model and the collaborator Tony.​

On the back the colorful design is maintained exactly the same as on the front. We found some contact addresses, main features and some warnings.

  • 1* Pulse III
  • 2* Squeeze Bottle
  • 1* Instruction Manual
  • 1* Type-C USB Cable
  • 1* 18650 Battery Adapter

Once we open the box we see the device in question perfectly as well as the spare bottle. The cable and manual are hidden in a double bottom.

This presentation really seemed very clean to me, which makes me love it.

Once we sorted the contents we found the squonker mod, the spare bottle and the Type-C cable.

This in question is the 18650 adapter that I did not show previously. It comes with some branding and in a transparent color. It is usable to be able to use 18650 batteries instead of 21700, which are the ones originally used by this device to give it a long life.

I have no complaints about this adapter, there is not much to say either, we simply put the battery inside and adjust it as if it did not have this adapter.

Device Inspection​

The device has a rectangular shape, somewhat bulging on the sides and with geometric shapes that give a somewhat futuristic style. It is made entirely of some type of plastic, except for the top. Even so, it feels quite stiff in the hand and honestly doesn’t creak at all.

Through that hole left we can squeeze the bottle so that the liquid rises to the atomizer. In my opinion, it is neither too hard nor too soft, it is just right.

Due to the transparent color of the product we can see the battery and the amount of liquid inside without a problem, which is why I fell in love with this particular color, Jelly Yellow, which honestly has nothing yellow about it.

If we remove the small door that comes with it we can access the battery compartment and the bottle, these are in one, which worries me a little due to possible leaks.

As for the door, it is anchored to the mod using magnets. I haven’t noticed any looseness in either this one or the back one, so the quality of them is evident.

I must say that I had another Pulse III before this one, and the magnets fell off after a while, although some of the falls it had also played a big role.

In this part we find the buttons and the screen of the device. Both of them interchangeable with other colors and all made of plastic. They make a bit of a click but it is a pleasant click, at least in my opinion.

Let’s talk about the functions of the buttons;

  • The largest button is the fire button, this is used to puff on the device.
  • The two below are used to adjust the wattage of the device, raising or lowering it in increments of 1W up to a maximum of 95W, then we will have to lower it to a minimum of 5W.

Regarding the functions;

  • 5 Clicks on the fire button to turn it off or on.
  • 3 Clicks on the fire button to change vaping mode.
  • We will press the fire button and the up button to block the wattage adjustment buttons.
  • We will press the fire button and the down button to rotate the screen 180 degrees.
  • We will press the adjustment buttons simultaneously to enter the menu, where we can activate or deactivate certain functions, the device shutdown time (2-30min), the screen brightness, reset puffs, change the color of the UI, see the version of the device or even factory reset it.

Now talk about the screen, this shows;

  • The amount of remaining battery depending on slots.
  • A puff counter.
  • The wattage or voltage used.
  • An Ω indicator.
  • A voltage indicator.
  • A puff duration indicator.

All this from top to bottom. There are people who say they hate the UI, I personally quite like the way it looks.

There is little left in this section, let’s quickly talk about the vaping modes;

  • TC, will serve to control the temperature of the coil.
  • VOLT, will serve to use it with voltage instead of wattage.
  • BP, which means Bypass, so it will work like a kind of mechanical but with electronics.
  • FIR, which means Fire Button Lock.
  • ARR, which stands for Auto Resistance Renewal.

This area is the one I was talking about previously, made of some kind of metal. The atomizer will be screwed here. It is an area with 4 screws for easy disassembly. Made of this material to hold up and be more durable, as some mods tend to break this specific area.

In this photo I show you a 24mm screwed atomizer. As you can see in the photo, it seems that something is floating on the side edges, something that is not noticeable as such, but when you see it once you do not forget it. I don’t understand how they managed to verify this, since in the Pulse II for example, it didn’t happen.

This in question is the light colored bottle. It has a capacity of 7.8mL, quite large to be honest, the liquid will last a long time. Filling is very simple, as it has a small flap that we will open and fill. It can be done without removing the bottle from the mod, simply by removing the front door.

As for squonking, I really liked it, it performs quite well. The hardness is just right and perfect, neither too strong nor too soft, although I fear that it will give in over time. It also collects the remaining liquid when you stop squeezing it.​

Vaping Time

Well, once I have assembled an RDA, vaping at approximately 50W and with the recharge full of both liquid and battery (Golisi S35 3750mAh), I proceed to give my conclusions about the vaping performance.

I used it mostly in the most classic mode, no temperature or bypass controls, just wattage.

As for its performance as such, I have nothing to object to, it heats the coils well and gives a fairly honest wattage. I have no complaints about squonking, you have to get the hang of it or have used one to avoid having to refill liquid, otherwise, it works perfectly and the refilling system is very comfortable.

It gave me approximately 200 quite long puffs at 50W, so the battery management seems more than correct to me, the ideal is to have two of them, to exchange it for the charged one when the one you were using runs out.

I can’t object much more about the vaping of this device, it heats the coils well and quickly, it has pretty good battery management and the squonking works great.

Pros and Cons

High Capacity BottleThe Atomizer Seems Like It’s Flying
Exceptional PerformanceThe Liquid Could Reach The Battery Due To Leaking Or Carelessness
Perfect Squonking
Easy Refilling
Spare Bottle


The Vandy Vape Pulse III is an essential and must-have device for someone who likes squonking. I have nothing to complain about it, I would only improve the platform where the atomizer and the battery compartment is screwed on, the fact that liquid can get into it terrifies me.

For the rest, Vandy Vape has done a great job with this squonker, waiting for more products from them!

This review was written by Ben from ECF, Vaping Underground & Reddit, click to view original reviews there with more details.


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