Vandy Vape Requiem Mod Review by Antony

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Everyone knows that I’m a sucker for single 21700 battery mods, so when I spotted the new Requiem mod from Vandy Vape using a mix of materials in an ergonomic grip style design, I was instantly interested in taking a look. Once again our good friends over at Healthcabin have been kind enough to send one over for review. So let’s get started the Vandy Vape Requiem Mod Review together!

Vandy Vape Requiem Mod Review
  • 95.5 x 43.6 x 29.8 mm
  • 94.9 grams
  • Single 21700 battery
  • Power 5~95 watts / 0.5~6.0 volts
  • Wattage / Voltage / Bypass / Temperature Control modes
  • Colour screen
  • USB-C charging
Vandy Vape Requiem Mod Review

The Requiem mod is available in five colours, I was sent the Clear Red version for testing which features black metal parts encased in a vibrant transparent plastic grip. Black, Blue, and Ultem finish out the line-up and I honestly would have been happy with any of the colours on offer, but this red version really does stand out amongst my other mods. As this isn’t offered in a kit, the box contents are rather spartan with just the mod, a USB-C charge cable, 18650 battery adapter, and a brief user guide included.

Vandy Vape Requiem Mod Review

The Requiem mod sports a bold mix of materials with a metal battery tube running down the spine of the device which is accented by a coloured crystal like plastic ergonomic grip and with a bold power button and recessed control panel on the front. The control panel is also metal with a bright colour display in the centre. I was instantly impressed with the design and have found that although the grip works quite well for trigger firing, that it sits more naturally in the hand when thumb firing which is how I’ve found myself using the Requiem.

Branding is fairly minimal with a simple Requiem motif on the spine and a logo on one side near the base. I wouldn’t count on that logo staying put for long though as this is just two stickers inlaid into the plastic frame, and one side of this did a disappearing act after just a few days of use!

Vandy Vape Requiem Mod Review

Up top there’s a large metal 510 platform with a spring loaded positive pin, this will easily accommodate up to 28mm atomisers with ease. Obviously this has been designed to match up with the Requiem RTA which is available in a similar range of colours, and although I have the Requiem RTA, mine is in stainless steel and Ultem which wasn’t a great colour combo with this black and red mod. Luckily I’d just started testing the Hellvape Dead Rabbit Solo RTA in gunmetal when this arrived, and that, combined with a red drip tip, made for an awesome match.

Vandy Vape Requiem Mod Review

The 21700 battery tube is the screw in cap variety which I know isn’t to everyone’s taste, but this has been OK in use even though the threads are a little on the crunchy side. The tube is plenty big enough as well and was easily able to pass both of my oversized battery tests.

On board charging is available via the USB-C port on the front control panel, and this hit a peak charge rate of 0.87 amps in my test. As always, I’d recommend using this sparingly and going for a dedicated battery charger whenever possible.

Out of the box, the Requiem mod will act like a wattage only mod, but you can access a series of sub-menus by pressing the large up and down buttons together, and from here you can turn on voltage, bypass, and temperature control modes. If you don’t use a feature like temperature control, then simply turn it back off again, genius! Power delivery seems very consistent as well and I only really noticed a drop off in performance once the battery started dipping below the 10 to 15 percent mark.


  • Nice mix of materials
  • Large 510 platform
  • Good performance from the chip


  • Slightly crunchy threads on the battery cap
  • Requiem logo sticker likely to go missing!


I’ve thoroughly enjoyed using the Requiem mod, the bold choice of materials makes this stand out from the crowd. Despite being a habitual trigger firer, I found that this worked best as a thumb fire mod and in that orientation, I really can’t fault the ergonomics. The chip powering this is similar to many other Vandy Vape mods and is really customisable and snappy which is always a plus.

Many thanks to Healthcabin for sending the Vandy Vape Requiem mod out for review.

Vandy Vape Requiem Mod Review

This review was written by Antony Lord from POTV(Planet Of The Vapes), click to view original review.


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