Vapefly Alberich MTL RTA Review by Bob

Vapefly Alberich MTL RTA Review by Bob-Cover

Hello again and welcome back for another vape review of a atomizer from Vapefly called the Alberich. This Atomizer was sent to me to review from Heathcabin. The Alberich RTA uses a wicking system not usually found on RTA’s that I was excited to test out. The Alberich is advertised as a MTL RTA and it is, but you can also get a very nice RDL vape from it using the larger 2.5mm airflow pin, yes the Alberich uses 510 airflow pins of different sizes to do the adjusting of airflow so no manual airflow adjusting is needed or available on it. Before I tell you my impressions on it and how well it performed lets see what the Alberich RTA is all about. So let’s get started the Vapefly Alberich MTL RTA Review together!

  • 1pc Vapefly Alberich MTL RTA
  • 1pc 4ml Glass Tube
  • 1pc Adapter
  • 1pc 0.8ohm KA1 Prebuilt Coil
  • 2pc Firebolt Cottons
  • 5pc Airflow Pins
  • 4pc Screws O-rings
  • 1pc Peek Insulator
  • Diameter: 22mm
  • Drip Tip: 510
  • Capacity: 3ml/4ml
  • Filling: Top filling
  • Airflow: Bottom airflow
  • Airflow Pin: 0.8mm, 1.0mm, 1.3mm, 1.6mm, 2.0mm, 2.5mm
  • Coil Rebuildable: Single coil
  • Specially designed for MTL vapers
  • Bottom airflow to bring excellent flavor
  • 6 airflow pins to optimize vapor experience
  • 3ml/4ml glass tube (sold separately) & 4ml Glass tube (included)
  • Top filling system, easy and convenient
Vapefly Alberich MTL RTA Review by Bob


Packaging is your standard box in a outer sleeve, inside the box the Alberich with the 3ml Ultem tube pre-installed on it sits in a pre-cut layout with the Glass 4ml tube and screw on adapter for it laying next to it in their own pre-cut spot. All your accessories of extra screws, tri tool, airflow pins and O-rings are in their own baggie, 2 coils and 2 pieces of shoelace cotton are in their own separate baggie laying underneath the Alberich. Your warranty card, user manual, and 50 points card are also there.

Picking up the Atomizer to check out how heavy it was I was kind of surprised that it felt weighty, not heavy but not light either, being made from SS it feels solidly built. Pre-installed on the Alberich is the 1.3mm airflow pin so that is the pin I start testing the Atomizer out with, I would be able to tell how well it worked right away because that’s the diameter I like when vaping MTL.

First off was the dismantling of the Alberich for cleaning, starting from the left is the order of which it was taken apart, I changed out the drip tip for one of my own because I like a stubby one and the stock drip tip was just a bit too long for my taste.

Two things I’d like to point out is the 3rd component piece from the left is the top portion of the tank with self sealing membranes covering the 2 fill ports, the other item is the extension piece that is the smallest piece in the picture and is 6th from the left. I decided to start testing using the 4ml glass tube with the extension piece screwed on the chimney.

Vapefly Alberich MTL RTA Review by Bob

As I said earlier I wanted to start test the atomizer using the pre-installed 1.3mm pin which is one of the 6 airflow pins that come with the tank. The airflow pins are actually the 510 pin that has been extended and hollowed out toward the top, 6 different sizes (airflow settings) should cover everyone’s airflow preference but it would be nice if there was a way to make tiny fine tuned adjustments but unfortunately there is not. The Alberich uses a single airflow intake hole. A word of caution, pay close attention to the peak insulator that surrounds the airflow pin because it can be lost or fall down a drain very easily, there is a spare in the baggie if you do happen to loose the original but try not to. Also when changing pins hold down on the positive block because the airflow pin is what secures it in place to the deck.

We now come to the deck potion of the atomizer, the Alberich is different from most other atomizers because it has a gravity fed wicking system like a boro style using 2 small holes at the bottom of the tank that drip juice down on the wick, if your wondering if you can get to your build with juice still inside the tank the answer is yes, the tank section is held in place to the deck using a couple of O-rings like a dripper uses for the top portion, just turn the atomizer upside down while screwed on to a mod and pull apart the deck from the tank. The tank is on the left and the build deck with the 1.3mm airflow pin is on the right.

Vapefly Alberich MTL RTA Review by Bob

This build deck is one of the easiest to build on and wick as well. There is a channel on each side of the deck for a coiling rod to rest in once the coil is on it, the post have small ledges that help trap your coil legs keeping them in place for a perfect build leaving your coil free from deforming when screwing down on the post screws, cut the coil legs flush and your done with the coil. Be sure to cut the legs as close to the post as you can.

Vapefly Alberich MTL RTA Review by Bob

The wicking process is just as easy to do as setting the coil, pull a proper amount of cotton through the coil without deforming it then cut the ends off right at the end of the 2 channels on either side, don’t thin the ends because this is where the juice will dip down saturating the cotton for a very flavorful vape. The wicking process works perfectly.

Vapefly Alberich MTL RTA Review by Bob

Once your done pop the deck on to the tank lining up the single airflow hole and fill it up, the top cap opens with a 1/3 turn and all bottle tips I tried slid into the fill port membranes without issue. I used the supplied coils and shoelace cotton in testing so my results will be from the contents supplied. The 0.8Ω supplied coil came in a 0.77Ω so for me that’s close enough, 3 tenths off isn’t bad.

Vapefly Alberich MTL RTA Review by Bob

Flavor is great and on point, airflow is petty smooth having no choppy feel and it’s rather quiet except for the coil crackling the great taste of flavor. I tried the other airflow pins and only really liked the 1.3mm for MTL, the 1.6mm was alright but too open for my liking and the 0.8mm and 1.0mm were too tight but using the 2.5mm airflow pin I was able to get a nice RDL vape from it so out of the 6 airflow pins 2 worked very well for my style of vape.

I also get a really good throat hit which kind of surprised me in a good way. The Alberich is a bit tall using the 4ml glass tube but not so bad as to say it’s too tall if you know what I mean. I really wish it was a 24mm or 25mm so the tank could be shrunk down but in the end it works out okay. I really dislike Ultem but on the Alberich it actually kind of looks good.

Vapefly Alberich MTL RTA Review by Bob


  • Great Flavor
  • Solid Build With A Feeling Of Quality
  • Quiet
  • Easy To Build On
  • Even Ultem Looks Good On It


  • No Manual Airflow Adjustment
  • A Bit Tall Using The 4mm Tube


  • 24mm Or 25mm


I have to say the the Alberich has passed with flying colors giving a great tasting vape with pretty smooth airflow as well. The build deck is one of the easiest to build on and wicking is easy as well, I mean it’s almost foolproof in the design. At no time in the testing did I get a gurgled vape or have any flooding or leaking issues so that makes it a winner in my book. Having the 6 airflow pins pretty much assures everyone will find a sweet spot in the airflow department but I would like to have at least a little manual adjustability, I guess when you think about it once the sweet spot of airflow is found you rarely adjust it again. I would like to thank Sue and Healthcabin for providing the Alberich MTL RTA by Vapefly for review. Thanks to all of you readers as well.

This review was written by bigbob2322 – Bob from ECF, click to view original review there with more photos and more details.

I am Sue from Healthcabin Marketing Department. We are devoted to offering the best prices, finest vaping contents and good shopping experience for our valued customers. Cheers!


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