Vaporesso GEN 200 Mod Review by Petushkov

Vaporesso GEN 200 Mod Review by Petushkov-Cover

Today, the review, in fact, is an old box of mod, but has been restored. And everything would be good in this news, but the post -certificate of the NEW Version only increased the cost of the subja, without offering absolutely no innovations. Therefore, at first I was skeptical of the observed, but having attained him live “imbued” with the initially proposed advantages, but without “surprises”, as always, it was not. So let’s get started the Vaporesso GEN 200 Mod Review together!

With the reason for the conversation, by the way, I advised the store. For a minute, this is the site with which the vast majority of our domestic “private shops” work – he himself was surprised at one time…

Vaporesso GEN 200 Mod Review
  • Dimensions: 85 x 44 x 29mm
  • Weight: 76.7g
  • Building Material: Plastic
  • Power: 2 x 18650
  • Chipset: Axon
  • Power: 5 - 220W
  • Voltage range: 0.5 - 8.5V
  • Opening hours: Smart VW, VW (Strong/Normal/Hard), BYPASS, VV, F (T), PULSE, VWN Supported resistance: unknown
  • Protection: from low / high resistance, from overheating, from short circuit, from incorrect polarity, from reloading / reloading
  • Connector type: steel 510, pin is springy
  • Screen / diagonal: color, 0.96 "
  • Port / charging current: type-C, charging current 2.02A
  • Gen 200 Mod
  • Type-C Cable
  • User Guide
  • Warranty Coupon
Vaporesso GEN 200 Mod Review

We begin from the first most true impressions – very compact, and, therefore, very conveniently, pretty, albeit democratically, and soooweight. Let’s start with the design – it is strict, it is slightly diluted by a tactfully pleasant perforation throughout the body, by the way, quite marking the thing. This model clearly does not claim to be the limit of someone’s dreams, but there is simply no repulsive decor. Therefore, the design can be praised – a kind of golden mean.

Vaporesso GEN 200 Mod Review

But the dimensions were very pleased – the device came out very compact for the double -carrier – it is just time to compare this even with single -booths. Of course, and a decent ergonomics was not long in coming – by the way, the “almost” the competent arrangement of the elements played an important role in this. It is convenient to use the sabem, both with the index and thumb. The edges of the sloping device fit perfectly into a closed grip and almost completely hides in my middle palm. Therefore, there is respect from me – the creators managed to “impossible”. The case is fully made of plastic – this is not news for fans of the brand. Therefore, the weight of the device is simply penny – it can even be compared with some atomizers – non -supporters.

Vaporesso GEN 200 Mod Review

The landing site is steel, it is fixed by three screws – the manufacturer decided not to advance on the past rake) the latter protrudes from the body a little – there is a micro -lace of atomizers – the level is not such as to rush to write it into shortcomings. But the landing supply is impressive, all the more so for such a compact device. I think that the value is limited to 28mm. Separately, I want to note that relatively large atoms, and shallow in the form of cigarettes and even taste thimbles look equally organically in fashion. Although what am I talking about – it is unlikely that users of the latter will think about buying a sabe)))

Vaporesso GEN 200 Mod Review

The control panel is dispersed over the case. By tradition, we start with the activation button, I remember that I didn’t like it on the same -tanker at the same name. Here the situation is better, but still there are nit -picking. Firstly, it is again plastic-it does not particularly inspire trust. Secondly, the backlash takes place – albeit not so critical. Otherwise, the copy is not bad – it is still nice to use. The course is average, the click is distinct, the elasticity of pressing is comfortable, the trigger is now around the entire perimeter without distortions. In general, this time there were no obvious! unpleasant surprises.

Vaporesso GEN 200 Mod Review

The color display is quite large, but this is the “illusion” – the diagonal is standard. The brightness is sufficient, unsatisfied. The design of the desktop is generally decent, it cannot be changed. Change of UI colors is also inaccessible to the user, but all modes have their own color scheme. The only “misfortune” of the screen is its location – the plastic lining is not protected in any way – it will definitely reach / scratch quite quickly. The settings and control keys are also plastic – even decent the activation buttons are made. The connector for charging a modern sample, the current in it flows for a double -tanker relatively fast and, which is especially pleasant, honest.

The compartment for a pair of external batteries is hidden behind a removable panel, securely fixed by four impressive magnet. The recess for ease of extraction of the latter is, as, however, there is a play in both directions. I will not say that he is critical – nevertheless, the plastic on plastic at least does not rattle, and it is possible to “achieve” the backlash only if you specifically go on a subjug. Inside, in moderately, spring -loaded contacts, although they are islanded, they do not spoil the scraping of the nutrition elements. For some reason, ribbons for the convenience of extraction of batteries are not provided-we shake out-there is no other way out.

Vaporesso GEN 200 Mod Review

The manager of the chipset is familiar to us firsthand. The functionality on board is impressive, but the majority, if not a good half, modes, in fact, garbage. About 9 modes are available to us, moreover, even in such a huge list, there was no place for banal thermal control-for someone it can become a stop factor. Among other things, the meter and tightening time are available, as well as blocking control keys. By the way, the fire is not blocked – you just have to turn off the mod with a five -fold press.

Vaporesso GEN 200 Mod Review

In his work, the device as a whole showed himself quite well – he fries almost honestly, starts medium -fast, reads resistance with a minimum error. But still, I have claims to him – let’s start with the discharge of the battery. Firstly, the indicator without a numerical value, which would not interfere at all, because this indicator does not decrease for a long time, and then in a short time passes the average mark and becomes red. Secondly, the category of batteries occurs to the value of only 3.34V, which is unforgivable – all the more so for the double -tanker. Thirdly, it seemed to me (moreover, even visually by indicators) that the batteries are unevenly discharged, although I received the following values for checks after the “Low Batty” message-3.34 / 3.35V. Another underwater stone lies in the minimum threshold perceived by resistance-boxing box does not pull atoms below 0.1ω, which for someone can again become a problem. On the other hand, the solution is understandable – the device is completely plastic and, with uninterrupted work on sabom, it overheats


Nevertheless, our hero leaves conflicting impressions – on a bowl of weights almost equivalent facts on one side and the other. I’ll start with the main thing-firstly, boxing is simply captivated by its compactness, ergonomics and lightweight. However, I never managed to get rid of the feeling that the device emits the “amber” of some cheapness, which by the way I did not celebrate when meeting the namesakes-the very first Gen and even more so with the version of Gen X, which I consider the definitely better this best The ruler to this day. We also add the accompanying “side effects” of the plastic case. However, the quality of execution remains at the proper level – the question is how much such materials will serve. The functionality of the device is impressive, but only by the number of modes – immediately a reservation – did TK go out of fashion …

Something I was completely “stealing” you say and will be right in your own way. However, the final “nail in the coffin” will be the new product – 56 evergreen in the above store. How do you? My opinion such a device should cost a maximum of half this amount-well, ok-$ 35-40.

Okay, I won’t “scare” you anymore – the device can be purchased in other stores at the price of $ 30. So “forget” what I said above – for such a sum of the “gun” mod, at least for an unassuming user)

Vaporesso GEN 200 Mod Review


  • Compactness
  • Light weight
  • Design
  • Quality of execution and materials
  • The functionality of the control chipset
  • Adequate work of the control chipset
  • Relatively fast charging
  • Planting reserve


  • Price
  • No battery ribbon
  • Lack of thermal control
  • Luft button of activation
  • Nuances with a battery category (details above)

Special thanks to the store for the sample provided.

Petushkov, also named phouse has written an Russian review on ecigtalk, which is an Russian website, click to view original review.


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