Vaporesso SWAG II Kit Review


Okay. I was offered a request to review the Swag II and things being how they are, I decided, why not go for it? Purchase and view kit here: Vaporesso SWAG II 80W Mod Kit With NRG PE Tank 3.5ml

This device was sent to me by HealthCabin and it arrived faster than I imagined it would. I did not know much about this kit. So prepare to be shocked! Not just, as I was by the Swag II and it’s fairly great awesomeness, but also I took -picture! Tons! Some, you can see. LOL.

In any case I picked it at random knowing Vaperesso is upping its game. It arrived in the following package:

Vaporesso SWAG II

Intriguing, right? So you slide the box off and Vapresso gives you more mysteriousness by its black covering which contains directions (not that they are really needed it’s fairly easy to operate and the menus make sense) and I was like… ooh

Vaporesso SWAG II

So in this next picture, you can start to see the device, there are instructions as far as checking the authenticity code that seemed fairly high tech. I will admit I did not get into that due to the “Fairly high tech” I mean…. It’s pretty authentic I am guessing that HC would not send me a clone to review. L kind of trust them. But you can (and maybe should) given the days ahead and all that.

Vaporesso SWAG II

So I dug the mod out first and I was like, is that am internal battery? It was so incredibly small. I have some comparison pics with a Thor Almighty (where yes you can see proof of my “creative/lunatic/strange habit of protecting my tanks with hair ties.; For those of you who think it’s a lunatic move, well. I am sorry to tell you I have broken ONE tank since I started this practice, and I have like SO MANY tank backups I hope to never need. It also happened because I FAILED to replace the hair tie after washing. So,. Make of it what you will.

I like it. Anyway. The Almighty may not actually be fair as a comparison but come on, look at the Swag II? Does it look small? It IS small. I can hide it in my hand and I have small hands.

I am going to prove pictorially a battery DOES fit in there. See? The threading is smooth and once the battery is inserted it feels great in the hand. It’s a bit like a Pico that does not suck (my sincere apologues to Pico owners but I have owned three and I hated them all. With that said, it’s not really a fair comparison because frankly I am fairly sure an ancestor cursed another ancestor on the Joy4tech team, and well, nothing goes right. NOTHING.)

So Pico comparison aside, this is lovely smooth construction. I still can’t get over its small niceness.

From the Vapresso Swag II Website if you want specs:

Presenting the second generation of SWAG, giving you more power in the palm of your hand. By adopting a special formulated rubber coating, it is now even lighter and more durable, with a hand feel that will give you next level comfort. AXON Chip inside brings you the incredible PULSE mode, giving you 5x more power in every inhalation. The upgraded GT4 MESHED coil brings dual meshed cores to increase contact area giving denser more flavorful clouds. SWAG II: defining SWAG!

• Ergonomic Curve• Rubber Coating• PULSE Mode• GT4 Meshed Coil• Maximum 25mm diameter tank

So having proven a battery will fit in there, we will move om to the tank. The installed coil was 0.18 or something and the mod wanted to know if it was a “new load” or mot. Here. I had to refer to the instructions. Because the up down button is on the side, and I needed it to say: New Load.

To be frank, that coil was intimidating, so I psyched myself up and said, “Anna you have vaped plenty of 0.5 RTA coils before and I stuck (the 0.5 also included coil) in there and filled it with my “shake and vape” Bavarian Cream Pie recipe which is one of my favorites I haven’t vaped it in a while. I wanted to give the SWAG II tank a fair shot;. I will admit I filled it up only halfway, because I was nervous.

The tank was also very solid and has a nice hinged tog fill as you cam (maybe) see In this pic. Pay attention to the top fill because if you use the other coil in this sucker you will need it—frequently. IDK if there is am expansion tank or not but I would personally get one. If there is… Sigh. Mu review skills. Gonna check.

Vaporesso SWAG II

Okay so I received the 2 ml version but, there is a 3.5 version and I would say do THAT. There is also an NRG 5 ml tank but it is 26 mm the max dimension for the SWAG II is 25 mm. I don’t think you could overhang, due to the battery situation so just fill I guess.

I have to be honest I expected my eyes to cross but I was able to get a smooth, not too hot vape from this coil and the flavor was really. Really good. I think that must be the mesh. It was also astonishingly cloudy if you ask me. But again for a MTL person I don’t get to use much PG. I expected to want to trash the tank but I don’t feel that way at all, I kind of want 50 more 0.45 ohm coils for it, the flavor and vape was so good. Bad mews for this chick who really doesn’t want to buy more coils.

The only thing bugging me was the vaguely tailpipe drip tip. It’s not huge or anything but it’s not my cup of tea. However, to my delight, a smaller drip tip was easily inserted. My vape got AWESOME then. It really did.

Vaporesso SWAG II

I am going to skip over my experiences of the other coil because I do not subOhm. I just…. Don’t. So, it was kind of how I expected but I will say this is a surprisingly versatile tank with plenty of airflow adjustment it’s easy to use. And even with the 0.45 tank I blew CLOUDS and they were cool, so they did not make me cough and the flavor made me very. very happy.

Happy User: Yeah I look like hell. That is what Ambien w/d will do to you. BUT note the cloudiness. That is what I was going for.

Pros: Tiny! Take it camping! Take it to your mother-In-laws house who hates vaping tell her it is tiny she has nothing to worry about then start a family fight (Thanksgiving is coming up!)

Take it out in mature and enjoy the lovely flavor with no one judging you and you don’t have to wear a mask!

Take it to work, but make sure the bathroom has a fan. I don’t really RECOMMEND that but you could. Maybe. Pick a bathroom appropriate flavor.

The mesh gives such a well rounded flavor. Flavor you would mot expect from this tiny thing!

All around excellent construction from Vaperesso which has come far and fast and is surging ahead.

Put any 25 mm or less tank on this mod. It will work just fine and you get a small tank with good power.

Cons: I need to buy some coils now. I guess that could also be a pro.

Really. For these coils, 2 ml tank is not large. Either buy the bigger tank or bring your bottle with you and welcome to the TTP where they are sane about vaping except these little details. Guess you can’t have everything. But the battery will last longer than the joose I am thinking.

Otherwise I really have nothing negative to say about this setup. It’s fantastic! As other reviewers and I have found out to our detriment, l am a picky vaper and if I hate certain aspects I will says so blatantly. I am gonna be honest. I had a very hard time hating on this setup, and if I did you would KNOW.

You can in a pinch USB charge this sucker but really not recommended; Unless you have to annoy your MIL some more. say, and your battery gets low. I understand! Sometimes you gotta do what you have to do.

My thanks again to Sue from Health Cabin who provided this setup.

You can purchase it Here:

Vaporesso SWAG II 80W Mod Kit With NRG PE Tank 3.5ml

Coils Here: Oh-oh.

Happy Vaping and let us ALL VAPE as much as possible and in safety and health!

Thanks again to Health Cabin for letting me review this kit.

This review was written by Anna from e-cigarette-forum, click to view original review there with more pictures.

I am Sue from Healthcabin Marketing Department. We are devoted to offering the best prices, finest vaping contents and good shopping experience for our valued customers. Cheers!


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