Voopoo Drag 4 Mod Review by Petushkov

Voopoo Drag 4 Mod Review by Petushkov-Cover

Today I have a box on the table, to which I have never had “warm feelings”. However, the DRAG series must be paid tribute – from the moment of her first appearance, she has made so much “noise” that the fourth revision of boxing “has existed”, it seems, exclusively due to this glory. Let’s get started the Voopoo Drag 4 Mod Review together!

The manufacturer still does not consider it necessary to promote his serious devices, I limit myself to only POD systems. But for the rescue, as usual, shops come – this time, helps out Healthcabin.net. Of course, the guest is far from a novelty, but to start a new collaboration – mine with Healthcabin – is quite suitable.

  • Dimensions: 89.3 x 53.2 x 25.5mm
  • Weight: 154.2g
  • Building Material: Zinc alloy + plastic
  • Power: 2 x 18650
  • Chipset: Gene.tt 2.0
  • Power: 5 - 177W
  • Voltage range: up to 8.4v
  • Operating mode: RBA, TC (NI200, SS, Ti), Eco, Smart
  • Temperature range: 200 ℉ - 600 ℉ / 100 ℃ - 315 ℃
  • Supported resistance: 0.05 - 3.0ω
  • Protection: from low / high resistance, from overheating, from short circuit, from incorrect polarity, from reloading / reloading
  • Connector type: steel 510, pin is gilded, spring
  • Screen/diagonal: color
  • Charging port / current: type-C, charging current 3a
  • Update/firmware: yes
  • Drag 4 Mod
  • Type-C Cable
  • User guide
  • Warranty coupon

We begin with the first, “most truthful” impressions. Cutely and even strictly, qualitatively and reliable, reliable and quite convenient. Of course, the 4th drag of the loaf of the brutal pilot specimen, which was crushed by bricks-now it has become “elegant” as much as possible, and also wrapped in all kinds of decor. So on the sidewalls they found a shelter in my case, a wood panel, but the backdrop is decorated with an eco -leather insert. The only thing that remains unchanged is inherent angularity or even brick inherent in all revision. In general, the design can be praised – “especially” contrasting buttons impress me.

The dimensions are numbered on all planes – it seems that the hero could be saved, at least at the height and width. However, this did not interfere with good ergonomics at all – the device lies comfortably in the hand. By the way, an important role in this was played by a soft back and sawn front faces. However, one “unpleasant” element was still left for some reason-a very sharp Kant of the control panel. I will name the weight medium – in empty fashion it is “almost not felt”, on a charged setup already pulls a pocket well.

The landing site is steel – there are no screws, but it seems to be reliable. The latter protrudes from the main building a little, preserving the LKP – microscopic levitation. However, the “problem” lies completely different – a small reserve of landing. The thickness of the box fashion is not so large, but the upper part is even less – 23.4mm. That is, even the “gold standard” will hang here – for a double -gunner 22 years, as for me, it is simply impermissible.

We smoothly move to the governing bodies, which are in full force concentrated on the front panel. All buttons are metal, but the backlash is minimal – absolutely uncritical. The main key is quite large – with a convenient recess, the course is average, pressing is also of medium elasticity, click is distinct. The display is colorful, the design is almost decent – except that it unjustifies the great power of power. The brightness is also normal – by the way, unregulated – even on a sunny day you can see the parameters. The color scheme can be changed, but there are no classically calm options. The rest of the keys are similar to the fire button, but the slider of physical locking the little thing, as we know, is useful. Moreover, its function can be adjusted independently – in fact, blocking the entire device (the option is duplicated by a triple press on the fire) / vkl – off the box of mod completely / blocking the configuration buttons. And everything would be nothing with him, but only his move is rather tight (as if it is closing sometimes), and the edges are islanded – it turns out, in convenience we lose…

I decided to talk about charging separately, for it is stated very fast. Of course, to implement this option, the appropriate PSU is needed, the benefit of the latter is now plentiful thanks to the “appetites” of modern smartphones. So, the tests showed the following results: PSU “with fast charging” 3.7A at 5.7V; Ordinary PSU 2.1 – 2.25A at 5.48V. However, in both cases, the current is periodically (often) dumped to zero – I will not sin on the BP, because both of them are “eminent” – there is confidence in brands. In short, the fact of fast charging is confirmed, however, the “quality” of the execution of the procedure is not the best. In electrical affairs, I am certainly not strong, but that the current, then disappears, then appears, clearly will not lead to anything good. The conclusion has been unchanged for many years – it is better / reliable to charge the batteries in the external zo – and leave the built -in options for emergency cases.

The battery compartment is hidden behind a removable back panel, which is a rather large element. Planting thanks to magnets is very reliable, but there is a backlash. But I do not take the latter to call the latter critical, for he makes himself felt only if you specially go on the lid. Inside, everything is “beautiful” – the contact group is not acute – it does not spoil the braid, the ribbon is provided for convenience. There is nothing more to add here.

It remains to say a few words about the managing chipset – here he, as usual, is developing his own. The functionality of the latter is not so rich – the “garbage” regimes prevail. It is understandable – the brand has long been guided by a mass user who does not need prejudice, bypass or setting up coefficients – it is good at least thermal control for lovers of this is implemented. Of the additional buns, all kinds of locks (described above), a change in the color of the UI, the counter / tightening time and the firmware update.

But in the work, the chipset is very decent – the resistance reads accurately, he frys in general very honestly, the charge consumes adequately, and translates the value separately for each bank, and even with interest values. Senses the AKB mod to a value of 3.2V. As for the so -called garbage modes – Smart and smart – itself offers the optimal power value, moreover, the maximum power is limited by the value of a slightly higher optimal one. I did not “feel” the practical benefits of the ECO mode – the box of the mod simply underestimates the power, although the previous value flashes on the screen. And Boxing Fashion Boxing annoyingly activates this mode at the end of the charge, it seems, after downtime – it is inconvenient. Well, RBA, in fact, is ordinary varivatt “without restrictions.” By the way, I pay attention to the lower threshold of the perceived resistance – 0.05ω – I know some “cannot live” without such low values.


Here you know, the “wow of effect” naturally does not cause, as it was, for example, with the first drag – the times are not the same. However, physical contact with the sabem leaves pleasant impressions and even pleases with a kind of reliability or something and quality of manufacture. Our hero can characterize like a very strong middle peasant without special jambs – he practices perfectly, the dimensions are medium, ergonomics are not bad, the exterior is basically pleasant, and fast charging is a pleasant bonus – we get a kind of “win -win option” at the output that will arrange a good part of users.

As for the minuses – again for most owners, I am sure they will be uncritical / invisible. Therefore, the device can be recommended quite calmly, however, the price tag favors this decision.


  • Quality of execution and materials
  • Adequate work of the control chipset
  • Very fast charging
  • Steel blocking slider
  • Design
  • Ergonomics


  • Very modest landing opportunities
  • Tight stroke of locking slider

Special thanks to the Healthcabin.net store for the sample provided.

Petushkov, also named phouse has written an Russian review on ecigtalk, which is an Russian website, click to view original review.


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