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Healthcabin have kindly sent out the Voopoo drag nano pod system for review. The kit comes in a nicely presented box with a photo of the mod in your chosen colour on the front. The supplied version is in the “ink” colour and there are six other colors to choose from to suit your tastes. Inside there’s a plastic tray containing the mod, one coil, a lanyard/necklace and the ever present USB cable along with a small envelope with the usual paperwork.



  • Size: 54.5x35x11mm
  • Weight: 55grams
  • Battery: 750mah
  • Output: 3.2 to 4.2v
  • Charging: 5v/0.5a
  • Pods: PCGT construction 1.8ohm/1ml

The Voopoo Drag nano features a beautiful design mirroring its older bigger brothers, and you really can’t appreciate how compact this is until you hold it in your hand but it still manages to feel like a premium product especially with that full resin panel on one side. The zinc and aluminum alloy construction feels solid, but the mirror finish is a fingerprint magnet as you would expect.


On top is the opening for the pod along with the tab to connect the lanyard. You’ll want to put the split ring in there if you’re going to use the lanyard, be warned though this proved to be a fiddly job which resulted in some choice language on my part, luckily you only need to do it once!

Down the left side there’s a small led which lights in use or whilst charging to indicate battery life and any error codes.

  • Green >60%
  • Blue 20 to 60%
  • Red <20%

On the bottom you’ll find the USB charge port and a raised “gene chip” logo. As you would expect from a gene chip there’s consistent output and multiple protections on board for your safety.

The lanyard is in it’s own little plastic baggie, and is supposedly “limited” to the first 500,000 pieces so Voopoo are hoping to sell a lot of these kits. Take care when opening as there’s also a small split ring in there to connect it to the mod, this can quite easily be missed as it’s not attached to the lanyard, in fact I did initially and almost lost it in the carpet!


The pod itself comes in a sealed blister pack, sadly only one is supplied probably to keep costs down and hit a target price point so you may want to consider ordering some coils at the same time as the kit. There’s only one available pod with a 1.8 ohm coil.


This is a refillable pod, to fill simply pull off the top/drip tip and you’ll discover a filling port located on one side. This is fairly small and I found filling to be a little fiddly, take your time or you will get an airlock rapidly followed by a mess. I found this easier after a little practice, bottles with really thin tips also help. You’ll want to let the coil sit for about 5 minutes on the first fill to saturate the coil before you use it.

To get going simply place the pod in to the drag nano, It’s a draw activated device so there are no buttons to confuse new vapers. It’s a fairly tight draw and I found the flavour to be a little muted compared to the class leaders in this segment. The pod doesn’t appear to be able to handle thicker e-liquids either, I almost instantly burnt out the supplied pod with a 70VG liquid and had to put the review on hold for a few days whilst I ordered some replacement pods! These were fairly inexpensive at £10 for a pack of four. Lesson learned I used a thinner 50VG liquid on the next run and the pod seemed much happier, although the flavour was still a little lacking, the coil seemed to last fairly well too.


Charging came in at 0.49 amps, very close to the claimed 0.5 amps, and took just over an hour but sadly there’s no vape while charging. I was only able to record a battery capacity of 543mah though, well short of the claimed 750mah, however with that teeny 1.8 ohm coil I was still able to get two to three evenings of use between charges so battery life shouldn’t be an issue.


  • Compact size
  • Good construction
  • Simple to use
  • Good battery life
  • Cheap price


  • Only 1 pod supplied
  • Pods can’t handle high VG liquids
  • Muted flavour
  • Lower than quoted battery capacity


This is a well constructed compact pod system which is slightly let down by the pods. At around the $20 price point it won’t break the bank if you’re new to vaping and want to give something different a try the pods are also fairly inexpensive as well. I think this kit is probably better suited to a new vaper or someone looking to quit smoking rather than the hobbyist, in fact now this review is done this has gone to one of the smokers at work who has expressed an interest in giving vaping a try… she loves it and is currently five days smoke free.

Many thanks to Healthcabin for supplying the kit for review, you can find it on their site here

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