Voopoo Drag X Pro – Will it Copy the Success of Drag X?

Voopoo Drag X Pro

The VOOPOO Drag X is one of the most successful pod mod with PnP coils since its release in May of 2020, and Voopoo also released the new Drag X Plus and Drag 3 with TPP coils a few month later. Now they have the 2nd generation of Drag X series – the Drag X Pro. The new Drag X Pro combined many good points from Drag X and Drag X Plus with the upgraded GENE.FAN 3.0 chipset. Let’s have a brief comparison between them.

Here we go:


Drag X Pro

Drag X Plus

Drag X


Voopoo Drag X Pro
Voopoo Drag X Plus
Voopoo Drag X Pro


Single 21700/18650

Single 21700/18650

Single 18650

Wattage Range





0.96 inch TFT Color Screen

0.96 inch TFT Color Screen

0.96 inch TFT Color Screen

Turn on/off

A Switch or 5 clicks fire button

5 clicks fire button

5 clicks fire button


360 degree airflow

360 degree airflow

180 degree airflow






USB C 5V/2.5A



Mod Thread

TPP/PnP pod


PnP pod thread














TPP Coils

TPP Coils

PnP Coils

Drip Tip

Standard 810

Standard 810

Not replaceable


Hidden side filling




Where to Buy


A. The mod part

The new Drag X Pro is powered by single 18650 or 21700 battery and fires up to 100W, this is a great update on the Drag X Plus, now they make it on Drag X Pro;

It also supports 8.5V voltage output, which is an update on the Drag X Plus Pro

Another big change for the new GENE.FAN 3.0 is – it added a switch button, you can use the switch button to turn the device on/off (default setting) or use it to lock the device. You can go to the setting menu to decide how to use the switch button. If you use the switch button to turn the device on/off, the fire button can be used to lock the device with 3 clicks; if you use the switch button to lock the device, the fire button can be used to turn the device on/off with 5 clicks.

Here are some other operations:

  • Hold the fire button and – button to clear the puff counter;
  • Hold the + button and – button to enter the settings menu.

The airflow control system is more friendly than that of Drag X, now you can adjust the airflow easily by rotating the airflow ring 360 degree.

For the screen, it aslo came with a 0.96inch TFT color screen.

For charging, it accepts Type C 5V/2.5A quick charge.

B. The pod part

The new Drag X Pro did not use PnP pod or TPP pod, but the new TPP X pod with glass tanks, not PCTG anymore. While the new TPP X pod accepts the original TPP coils, and they added 2 new TPP coils to the TPP series, so I believe VOOPOO will release more TPP coils soon just like PnP coils.

BTW, the original PCTG PnP pods and TPP pods also work with the Drag X Pro. So if you want to use your PnP coils on the Drag X Pro, just get a PnP pod.

Another change is that VOOPOO finally put the filling port on the side of the pod, and they had an innovative design to cover the filling port to make the whole kit look good. It’s a good design actually, though you may have an extra step to fill the pod.

And you can change the drip tip, it is a standard 810 with 2 o-rings.

Overall, we can see there are some impressive upgradings on the new Drag X Pro, hard to find out any points that I dont like. I believe it will be the next best selling pod mod.

Tell us your idea on the new Drag X Pro in comments below.


  1. IMO, the DragX Pro is a worthy upgrade – upgraded chipset & the addition of new feature selects; also, the Drag X Pro being backwards compatible with prior Drag X pods which also makes it compatible with the prior 510 adapters. Keeping my fingers crossed for additional TPP coil configurations.
    Great review, Thnx!!

  2. I hope they will make coils (1.6 – 1.8 Ohms) and drip tips for MTL users. Or include adaptor and tip.
    Love the rebuildable PnP coil Idea – but again for MTL specs.
    Maybe one or two of these are in my future!

  3. The latest iteration of the Drag X Pro is a massive step up for both Voopoo and the Drag line! By far the weak link in the system was the 4.2 voltage limit in the 1st and 2nd gen. single battery devices. Especially with 21700. A 100 watt rating sounds great but don’t mean a thing without Buck-Boost on a single battery device. This is the same issue that killed the older IJoy Capo squonk mods. 100 watts could actually mean a real world max of 45-50 watts depending on battery charge and Ohms of your coil(s). The new model Drag X Pro or Professional models with 8.5v voltage booster, TPP/pnp pod compatibility, top fill e-liquid, and the new switch on the Pro model, are truly the most versatile, universal pod-mod kits for all vapers today. Finally we can take advantage of the power of using a single 21700 battery over single or dual 18650 devices.


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