Voopoo Drag X Pro Review by Owen

Voopoo Drag X Pro Review by Owen-Cover


It’s a new year, that must mean it’s time for Voopoo to release another ten versions of the Drag pod system – today’s version is the Drag X Pro – an 18650/21700 pod-mod, with an all-important boost chip, the new TPP X-Tank and compatibility with previous PnP pods/coils.

To answer the question in the title for those who prefer a quick review: Yes, it’s a worthwhile upgrade to the original.

Voopoo Drag X Pro Review by Owen
  • 1× DRAG X Pro pod-mod
  • 1× TPP X Pod (5.5ml)
  • 1× TPP-DM3, 0.15ohm
  • 1× TPP-DM2, 0.2ohm
  • 1× 18650/21700 battery adapter
  • 1× Type-C Cable
  • 1× User Manual
Voopoo Drag X Pro Review by Owen

First impressions

Looking at the Drag X Pro, it’s a 21700 version of the Drag X – so, obviously it’s similar but bigger – but upon closer examination, you start to notice a few differences:

  • The button layout is different – while the original Drag X had two round buttons for power up/down, the Drag X Pro has a vertical button with left/right for down/up respectively.
  • There’s an extra button under the up/down button – to be more accurate it’s a slide switch, but more on that later.
  • Airflow control is different as well – rather than adopting the previous Drag X’s little nub to open/close the airflow, there is an actual airflow ring for you to rotate.
  • Battery door – on the bottom of the battery door are small rubber pads – this is a very minor, but very nice detail – the mod feels nicer when you put it down, and hopefully this will reduce the loss of the finish on the bottom of the mod.

Overall, it feels just like the original Drag X – reasonably solid and ergonomic.

Voopoo Drag X Pro Review by Owen

TPP X Tank

Firstly, this looks so much nicer than the original TPP tank that came with Drag 3 kit – it’s still attached magnetically, but it looks and feels like a real sub-ohm tank, rather than a cheap plastic pod.

It does take 810 drip-tips, but it doesn’t have internal O-rings for the drip-tip, so you’re going to need a non-standard 810 that has O-rings if you want to swap drip-tips.

It has top-fill (or more accurately side-fill) for juice, with a slightly weird but nice system, firstly you hold in a little button on the side of the tank, this allows you to rotate a ring to expose a rubber tab – it’s not as quick as just having a rubber tab, but it looks far better and is probably less likely to leak.

Apart from the above, it’s a pretty standard tank – coil goes in the bottom, airflow adjusts on the mod.

Voopoo Drag X Pro Review by Owen

Chipset features

There are a couple of features lacking that were on the original Drag X:

  • No achievement mode.
  • No changeable interface mode.

Hold power up+down to enter settings and you’re given three options:

  • Switch – this configures the slide switch on the front of the mod – you can set it so that the switch powers the mod on/off (in that case three clicks of the power button will lock the mod and five clicks will do nothing) or you can set it so the switch will lock/unlock the mod (in that case five clicks of the power button power on/off and three clicks will do nothing)
  • Mode – you can choose between smart mode which will detect the resistance of your coil and not let you go over a certain power limit, or RBA mode that has no restrictions.
  • Exit – it does what it says.

There is no temp control mode out of the box, but there is a software update that will add temp control – but I don’t use temp control and I don’t like to update mods unless totally necessary, so that’s something I won’t be doing.

Voltage boost. The mod will boost up to 8.5v which was one of my main complaints with the original Drag X – I won’t praise Voopoo for listening to the public and addressing this issue, this is how it should have been done in the first place.

Voopoo Drag X Pro Review by Owen


The airflow control is easier to adjust than on the original Drag X, and it has a surprise – as per usual you rotate the ring to gradually open/close a large slot, but once you completely close the slot, you have an MTL airflow hole on each side. This is totally unsuitable for the coils provided, but if you use the PNP MTL pod then it could be useful. Maybe there’s going to be a TPP MTL tank in the future.


I discovered this by accident, but it has autodraw. Someone can correct me if I’m wrong, but I thought the only Drag versions with autodraw were those with internal batteries?

But…it’s not sensitive enough. With airflow fully open you struggle to activate the autodraw function, and when it does finally work, it’s going to cut off halfway through the hit. Closing down the airflow makes it work much better, but that’s not the point – it should just work and it doesn’t.


The Drag X Pro is backward compatible with all (that I tried) pnp tanks – the TPP X Tank won’t take pnp coils, but you can put a pnp pod into the Drag X Pro and use pnp coils that way.

I did also try a 510 adapter to see if performed a little better now that it has a voltage boost function – but not really, the voltage drop is still huge and makes it a pain in the ass to use. I can’t really blame Voopoo for that, they have the Drag X Plus Pro with a 510 connection, so just get that if want to use it as a regular mod.

Coil performance

  • TPP DM2 0.2ohm mesh coil this coil is rated for 40-60w and performs well throughout that power range. It’s very reminiscent of other Voopoo mesh coils (and mesh DTL mesh coils in general) – it gives a strong and clear flavor, with good vapor production. It’s not the most accurate coil when it comes to complex flavors, but it performs on par with other mesh coils.
  • TPP DM3 0.15ohm mesh coil this coil is rated for 80-100w and behaves just like a higher wattage version of the DM2.

Both of these coils are very much DTL and do well with the airflow fully open.

There’s nothing wrong with either of these coils, but I’d love to have seen them give a restricted DTL coil such as the 0.3ohm DM4 coil with the kit, as the two supplied coils are quite similar.

Compared to PNP coils – the TPP coils are much better. I can’t imagine many people using them, and then going back to PNP.

Voopoo Drag X Pro Review by Owen


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This review was written by Owen from Vaping Underground, click to view original review there with more details.

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