VO Tech VIA 240W Mod Review

Votech VIA 240W Box Mod

Hello folks, I was sent a VO Tech VIA 240W Mod for review from HealthCabin, this fact will not influence my personal opinion in any way shape or form!

The boxing is typical, really nothing special, all of the usual paperwork, the instructions are limited, a USB cable is included and the mod is capable of charging the batteries at 1.5A. I do not recommend charging the batteries in the mod.
The mod itself is very good looking, on the large side, the 510 is SS and looks to have a gold plated and spring loaded pin with good movement, all the tanks I tried worked, the Fireluke Mesh and Freemax Mesh Pro both did not sit completely flush, about a 1mm gap, not really bad but there.
The finish is rubberized and done very well, the construction is first rate, all panels fit perfectly together, no gaps and no rattles at all, VO did a excellent job putting this one together. You simply pull the bottom half off, it’s held in place by 2 strong magnets and there is a swing open door to insert 2 18650 batteries.
Using the mos is simple, a very easy menu system, 5 clicks on and then 3 clicks to move through the menu and then press the up and down together, all of the buttons are very clicky and tactile, I had no misfires at all. The mod it is lightweight, yet rugged with a strong polymer construction. With a 25mm tank installed looks like there is another 1mm left, so I think a 26mm will fit with no overhang.

The mod hits very hard, a example, I typically hit the Pro on my Cylon at 80W, on the Via I was using 70-75W, this thing is also very fast ramp up, you are able to pick 3 ramp up levels, Eco, Norm and Sport mode. I used Norm. I really like the Via in Watts Mode, one of the best.
TC Mode Eh! I screwed on the Fireluke Mesh with a SS .12 and the hit for me was weak, I usually use the Mesh on a VT75D at 480D, on the VIA, 540D was not nearly as strong as the VT75D. So for me TC does work but is only so so.
TC has SS, Ni and Ti, No Ohm Lock, no Watts Adjustment, just Temp Adjustment and you can’t rotate the screen, so it’s bare bones, but Watts Mode is off the hook.

So would I recommend the VIA? I’m going 75/25 on it! 75% Watts Mode, just great, TC Mode could be much better, but is doable.
So that’s it, thanks for reading!
I would like to thank Maggie with HealthCabin for giving me this opportunity.

Votech VIA 240W Mod

Battery Supported: 18650(2)
Screen Type: 0.91 OLED
Size: 99.5*63*32.5mm
Power Range 5-240W
Temp Control Range: 93-315C / 200-600F
Input Voltage: 5V-1.5V
Output Voltage: 1V-8.4V
Resistance Supported: 0.1-2.0ohm
Available Modes: POWER/BYPASS/TEMP
Standby Current: <200
Temp Control coil supported: NI/TI/SS316
Spring loaded 510 connector
Brand: Votech


LOL, I was not feeling the best when I took these pics, using a laptop cam while stretched out on the bed, bare with me!


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