Yumi RC8000 Review by Naomi

Yumi RC8000 Review by Naomi-Cover

Thanks to Sue from HealthCabin for sending me this product to review!

Disclaimer: This review is my own thoughts and I am not associated with anyone at HealthCabin, nor am I being paid to write this review.

  • 1x Pod
  • 1x Battery
  • Replaceable Pre Filled Pods
  • 600mAh Built-In Rechargeable Battery
  • Fixed Wattage Output
  • 12ml E-Liquid Capacity
  • Dustproof, Reverse the Pod to Keep the MouthPiece away from the Dust
  • Strong magnets connection
  • LED Indicators
  • USB C Charging (Cable Not Included)


The design of the device is pretty unique. I have never seen a vaping device like this. This is because of the feature of being able to turn your pod around, into the battery. This is to prevent dust from coming into your mouthpiece. It’s not a function I personally use, but if you work in a dusty environment, this could be really convenient. Other than that the look of the device is a pretty simple one. It comes with a white battery, which you can recharge and reuse for any of the flavor pods. When the flavor pods are empty, you just throw them out. No refilling those. Those pods have a color that represents the flavor and there is some branding on them, including the name of the flavor as well. When you use the device, there is a white light coming from the battery. The usb-c port is on the side of the battery. The bottom of the battery is a flat one, which makes sure you can set it up right, without the risk of the device falling over.


Overall, the flavor selection offers something for everyone, catering to different taste preferences and moods. Each flavor has its own unique charm, though personal preferences will ultimately decide which ones become your favorites. I will tell you a little bit about each flavor I tried and how I liked them.

This flavor takes the crown as my personal favorite. The sweetness of ripe strawberries hits just the right notes, making it a delightful vaping experience. It’s smooth, fruity, and consistently enjoyable. Whether you’re a fan of fruit flavors or not, this one is hard to resist.

Orange Peach
The combination of tangy orange and juicy peach offers a refreshing twist. While I appreciate the blend of flavors, I found it slightly lacking in intensity compared to the other options. It’s still a pleasant choice, especially if you prefer milder, fruitier profiles.

Rainbow Candy
This flavor brings back memories of childhood with its playful mix of fruity sweetness. It’s like a burst of rainbow-colored candies in every puff. I can personally really appreciate a vape with a flavor this sweet, but I can imagine it to be a bit overwhelming for other people, especially those who aren’t a big sweet tooth like I am.

As a fan of blueberry-based flavors, I had high hopes for this one. Thankfully, it didn’t disappoint. The natural sweetness of blueberries shines through, together with subtle bitter flavor that adds depth to the profile. It’s smooth, satisfying, and well-balanced, making it a solid choice for blueberry enthusiasts like myself.

Cool Mint
Finally, we have the classic cool mint flavor. It’s a refreshing option that provides a crisp sensation with every inhale. While it’s not my personal go-to flavor, I can appreciate its invigorating effect, especially on hot days or when you need a palate cleanser between different flavors.


These little devices impressed me more than I expected. I think these have the best flavor that I’ve ever had, compared to other devices from Yumi that I have tried. I really appreciate the thought process that went behind the design of the device as well, making it a good option for people who spend their days in a dusty environment. The battery of the device did not die on me, when switching between two of them throughout the day. They are small, so if you need even more battery life, you can easily take multiple batteries with you throughout the day.
For some people it might be a bummer that there are no other options to change wattage or airflow on this device, but I don’t think this device is directed to those people who like all that fuss. This is really for the people who just wanna vape, to maybe kick an old smoking habit. They just wanna keep it simple, and that’s okay.
Something I was personally a little bummed about was not being able to see the liquid level inside these pods, but you’ll notice soon enough when one of them is starting to get empty. Flavor will get a lot less, until it will even be burned. If you want to avoid a burned hit, you will know to stop using a pod when there is a lot less vapor and flavor production happening.


  • Very good flavors
  • Unique design with a way to prevent dust from going into your mouthpiece
  • Good battery life for a disposable device of this size
  • Option to reuse the battery with new pods
  • No fuss vaping experience
  • Very compact for on the go


  • No options to adjust wattage or airflow
  • No screen
  • Can’t see the liquid level


The Yumi RC8000 offers a refreshing take on vaping with its innovative design and improved flavors. The device has a disposable nature, but they definitely show they’re sustainability with the reusable battery. Most disposable devices, you have to throw away a battery every so many puffs, but with this one you can keep buying those replaceable pods to keep using the same battery over and over again. This makes the device feel like a disposable and a pod hybrid. It definitely makes it a contender for the vapers who wanna make that economical choice as well.
Like I have mentioned the devices do lack a screen or customization options, which makes the devices one for those who like that simplicity and hassle-free experience. You will definitely not be compromising on flavor when you decide to pick this vape up. Despite those minor drawbacks, the overall experience with this device was great. If you’re looking for that reliable and consistent good flavor, this could definitely be a device to consider.

This review was written by Naomi from Vaping Underground, ECF & Vapingcommunity, click to view original review.


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