Best Mechanical Mod Kit 2018


What is a Mechanical Mod Kit? Mechanical mods are the most powerful, most customizable devices a vaper can get their hands on.

A mech mod or a mechanical mod is an unregulated device without any circuit board and runs directly off a battery. Since there is no circuitry, and the batteries keep providing continuous power, vapor production reduces as the batteries near the end of their lifespan. This also means that no matter how low the resistance of the coil is, a mech mod will keep firing while its regulated counterpart will either shut off or give an error. This quality makes the mech mods an ideal choice for use with rebuildable atomizers, sub-ohm vaping, and cloud chasing. Sub ohm vaping means vaping with a coil that has a resistance lower than 1 ohm, while cloud chasing is a sport where vapers compete with a goal of producing the biggest plumes of vapor.

Benefits of the Mech Mods:
Mech Mods Are Reliable
Mech Mods Are Durable
Mech Mods Are Easy to Fix
Mech Mods Offer Intense Vaping
Ideal for Use with Rebuildable Atomizer

Here comes to the best mechanical mod kit.

Top 1. Vandy Vape Bonza Kit

 Vandy Vape Bonza Kit

Vandy Vape Bonza Kit is the first mechanical kit released by Vandy Vape. It combines Bonza mechanical mod with Bonza V1.5 RDA. It is powered by a single 21700/20700/18650 battery. The Bonza mech mod utilizes pure copper to conduct electricity, it can reduce internal loss. It also comes with insulator ring and insulator tube to ensure safety. Bonza Mech Kit includes a magnetic button and spring button to satisfy your preference. In addition, each mech mod has an individual number. The Bonza V1.5 RDA features 2ml e-juice capacity and advanced airflow system to achieve intense clouds and flavor. The improved build deck is easier to build. In addition, The Bonza Kit adopts an interchangeable sleeve system for customization and logo alignment.

Excellent build for the Bonza 1.5 RDA
Excellent Flavour
Clean, well designed Mech Tube on the outside
Very good insulators
Good battery venting

For me, the fire button is not good enough
Sharp threads on the inside of the Mech Tube

Top 2. VGOD Pro Mech 2 Kit with Elite RDA Atomizer

VGOD Pro Mech 2 Kit

Boasting unique aesthetics and innovation, the VGOD PRO Mech 2 introduces a CNC machined Delrin comfort touch chassis and the consistent firing of the TriCon switch system. The PRO Mech 2 delivers hard hitting performance while maintaining comfort and dependability.

The design exudes testosterone
Can fire it with any finger including my pinkie
The CF is done well so it’s not a cheap sticker

The Elite isn’t that bad but it’s not the greatest
The mech still hits hard
On a tube that’s the exact same diameter as the atomizer it tends to be annoying

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