New Updates for DHL Packages


Dear customers,

Urgent update on 4th Feb:

There is a great possibility that DHL orders, placed from now on (10AM 4th Feb), can NOT be transited before 10th February.

And DHL orders placed after 11AM 5th February will be transited around 19th Feb.

Please select FedEx or other available shipping options to avoid the long time delay!

All time mentioned here is HONG KONG local time. This update will affect all DHL package to every country!

Previous updates:

There are 2 new updates for DHL service:

A. Samll DHL Packages to USA

DHL just sent us a notice that they have suspended to accept samll packages under 1500g to USA. At HealthCabin, we have increased the DHL shipping cost of 500g & 1000g packages to that of 1500g packages.

Customers from USA, please select FedEx or other economic shipping options for packages under 1500g.

This DHL shipping cost update is only for packages under 1500g whose destination is USA. No change for other countries. We will update you again once they cancel this policy. Thank you.

B. Potential Delay for All DHL Packages

Meanwhile, for DHL packages to all countries, DHL also notified us that they are overloading right now, there is a 2-3 business days potential delay. We have cancelled the SHENZHEN & HONGKONG packages combination service for DHL. Please choose FedEx or other available shipping options.

Lastly, please also pay attention to our Spring Festival holiday notice to arrange your orders accordingly!


HealthCabin Team


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