Eliquid Buy One Get One Free

We are giving a great number of free gifts for selected eliquid brands for a limited time and offer! This is the eliquid sale you shouldn’t miss.  Please note that we can ship Eliquid & Flavors and hardware together in one shipment now, more detail here
Gifts list:


1. Charlie’s Chalk Dust: buy 1 get 1 free Charlie’s Chalk Dust sample ejuice — Sold Out on 24th Oct

Charlie’s Chalk Dust blends magical flavor profiles to create one of the finest vapor liquids today! You can get two spending the money on one, get the deals here


2. Milkman: buy 1 get 1 10ml Milkman ejuice

Milkman aims to recreate and reimagine nostalgic treats that can be enjoyed during any part of your day, get the deals here

3. ARAMAX & LIQUA: buy 1 get 1 10ml Liqua ejuice

ARAMAX & LIQUA are the well-known classic brands which have a great number of followers, and always the hot e-liquid buyers at our store
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4. Cuttwood: buy 1 get 1 Cuttwood cap or t-shirt

Cuttwood is known as the  “Sauce Boss” and signed with its Hand-crafted and bottled with the best quality ingredients and best flavors in the world, get the deals here


5.  Nicotine Salt E-liquid: buy 1 get 1 5ml Dekang nicotine salt

all of these are perfectly formulated for new devices requiring higher nicotine concentrations.

*all the gifts are chosen randomly
*all the gifts are not in the WARRANTY eligible to
*once you click to buy, the gift will be added to your cart automatically. if no gifts added which indicates they run out.
Enjoy the shopping with us, any purchase problem, feel free to contact marketing@healthcabin.net
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