Lost Vape Thelema Solo 100 Review by Bob

Lost Vape Thelema Solo 100 Review by Bob-Cover

Once again I welcome all of you to today’s review of the Thelema Solo 100 manufactured by Lost Vape, I would like to thank Sue from Healthcabin for sending this device for the purpose of my review, you can purchase it from them using this link Lost Vape Thelema Solo 100W Mod. Lost Vape decided to make a much more affordable version that is very close to the costly DNA version at a fraction of the price using the Quest 2.0 chipset that in my opinion is the closest chipset on the market today to a DNA. I’ve reviewed the Thelema Quest 200 along with the Centaurus Quest BF Kit that uses the same chipset so I’m very familiar with it. So let’s get started the Lost Vape Thelema Solo 100 Review together!

  • Lost Vape Thelema Solo 100W Box Mod
  • Type-C Cable
  • User Manual
  • 18650 Battery Adapter
  • Warranty Card
  • Quest 2.0 Chip
  • Wattage/Voltage/Temperature
  • Control/VPC/Bypass Mode
  • Soft/Normal/Hard Firing Mode
  • 3 User Records
  • 100W Max Output Power
  • 21700/18650 battery compatible
  • Fashion & Removable Battery Cover Design
  • Type-C Fast Charging
  • C Frame Design - Compact and Comfort Grip


Shipping presentation was good with a box inside a sleeve containing the device , charge cord and 18650 battery adaptor are inside a White rectangle box of there own next to the device. The user manual and warranty card complete the contents of what’s included.

I was sent the Stainless Steel Mineral Green color and although it’s not my first color choice of the Solo 100 it looks good, I wish the leather covering the spine and sides of the C-Frame cover had some cushiony give to it instead of being hard. The woodgrain looks good and the printing of LOST VAPE on 1 side and THELEMA SOLO on the other in the center of it actually highlights the woodgrain.

Picking the device up I quickly discovered it is no lightweight Mod, it’s in that goldilocks category for a device that takes a single 21700 battery though. Build quality feels rock solid and with no sharp edges on the Solo hand comfort is great using either your finger or thumb to fire it.

The top cap fits a 26mm atomizer without overhang but a 25mm looks better because of the double bump out look once the battery cover in in place, the 510 pin fit many atomizers I connected to it without any gap between the base and there is also a good amount of travel to the pin and it’s quite stiff. The top plate appears to be screwed directly into the Mod using 3 attachment screws for a very solid connection.

I’m a big fan of C-Frame style devices as the Thelema Solo 100 is, I’ve never had any problems with the C-Frame style in the past except on 1 device that had a bit of wiggle room to it. The Solo 100 has a perfect fit for the battery cover on the one that was sent to me.

Magnets on the battery C-Frame cover lock into place on the device very securely and require some effort to pull the C-Frame battery cover off the device, once the cover is removed you can see where the battery connection placement is.

When inserting your battery connect the top which is the positive + first and remember that it is spring loaded so you will need to push up when connecting. Battery polarity is clearly marked with a positive + symbol at the top and a negative – symbol at the bottom of the connection point. Whatever battery option you choose to use either a 21700 or 18650 with the supplied adaptor use care when installing and removing the battery because they fit into the device very tightly.

Looking at the screen you can see every bit of information that you need is nicely placed in a easy to read grid, granted you don’t get to use your own wallpaper or have the replay function of a DNA chipset but the 3 pre-sets and 3 pre-heat modes of the Quest 2.0 chipset work great, SOFT, NORMAL, HARD. Ohm load measurement is very accurate and having a battery % reading along with a battery bar is a nice feature. The Thelema Solo 100 also has the round robin feature.


  • Ohm Load
  • Battery Percentage And Battery Bar
  • Power Mode
  • Wattage, Bypass, Voltage, VPC – (VARIABLE POWER CURVE), Ni, Ti, SS316, SS904
  • Seconds Of Your Last Vape
  • User Preset – 1 through 3
  • Power Mode Preset – Soft, Normal, Hard
  • Puff Counter
  • Settings


Lost Vape made their menu system very easy to operate by using a menu button. To enter the menu or make wattage, voltage, temp or seconds adjustments simply press the middle button, that is your menu button. First using the up or down buttons move to the selection that you want to adjust, once there press the menu button and your selection will become highlighted, now use the up or down button to adjust your selection. In the settings section there are many options to chose from.

  • Atomizer – ( Resistance Check )
  • Screen – ( Brightness Control )
  • Color – ( Display Screen Colors ) Blue, Yellow, White, Red, Green, Purple
  • User – ( 3 individual Presets For You To Set However You Like )
  • Reset – ( Clears The Puff Counter And Reset The Device )


  • On/Off – 5 Quick Presses Of The Fire Button
  • Wattage, Voltage, Temperature, And VPC Lock/Unlock – Press And Hold The Up And Down Buttons Simultaneously

I really like the feel of the Thelema Solo 100 watt device because it’s very comfortable holding in the hand when firing using your thumb or finger, the build of it is solid. I knew I would like the device because it carries the Quest 2.0 chipset that has never failed on me in the time I used any Lost Vape device that features it. My personal rotation of devices includes 2 Lost Vape devices that use the quest 2.0 chipset.

Although the Green device that was sent to me would not have been my first choice in color it has grown on me and I will continue using it for some time to come.


  • Attractive
  • Solid Build
  • 100 Watts
  • Quest 2.0 Chipset
  • Round Robin Feature
  • C-Frame
  • 2 Battery Options – ( 2170 Or 18650 )
  • Type-C
  • Bright And Vivid Display
  • Easy To Read Fonts
  • 3 User Pre-Sets
  • 3 Power Pre-Sets
  • 8 Power Modes
  • Very Strong Magnets
  • 6 Display Screen Colors
  • Dedicated Menu Button
  • Simple And Easy To Navigate Menu


  • Leather Should Be More Cushiony


WINNER, WINNER WINNER is how I can describe the Thelema Solo 100 to you, having the Quest 2.0 chip and being a C-Frame device pretty much sealed the deal for me, as all Lost Vape devices I’ve reviewed in the past the Thelema Solo 100 is build solid as a rock.

This device was really made for a single 21700 battery and having a choice to use a 18650 with the included adaptor for those of you that don’t have have any 21700’s or prefer to use 18650 batteries is a nice option.

In the weight department the Solo falls in that just right Goldilocks category not being to light or heavy when holding.

The Quest 2.0 chipset in my opinion really is the best one in the market other than the DNA that it rivals. Having 8 power modes should make everyone happy and having 3 user pre-sets is really great for people that like to switch to different Atomizers that have different builds in each.

Every vaper is different and like there vape in different ways as well, some like a softer vape while others like a more aggressive start to there vape and having 3 pre-heat options that the Quest 2.0 has should cover that. ( SOFT ) ( NORMAL ) ( HARD )

So in closing I would highly recommend the Lost Vape Thelema Solo 100w device because it is such a great performer with good looks as well.

I would like to thank Sue and Healthcabin for providing the Thelema Solo 100 device for the purpose of my review.

This review was written by bigbob2322 – Bob from ECF, click to view original review there with more photos and more details.


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