Freemax Twister 30W Review by Simon

Sue from Healthcabin was kind enough to send me this product for review, I picked this out primarily because I’ve never owned or even used a Freemax product. 

 I’ve read a lot of good things about their tanks and stock coils on the forum, so I figured it was about time I tried one out to see what all the fuss was about. As I’m primarily a MTL vaper, I thought the little tube-like Freemax Twister 30w Kit might be worth a shot.

The tank that comes with this Kit is the Fireluke 22 Tank, it’s a 22mm tank with a capacity of 2ml and comes pre-installed with the 1.5ohm MTL coil and a very nice MTL drip tip. Also supplied with the kit is a wider ‘DTL’ tip and a 0.5 mesh coil providing you with the option for a low-power DTL vape, something that doesn’t seem to be all that well catered for these days, so it’s nice to see it here. The tip is a standard 510 connection, so no problems using the tip of your choice. I’m not in love with how it looks (especially in gold) and the top locking ring feels weird spinning around, seemingly for no reason. People sometimes describe tanks and how they screw together as ‘buttery smooth’ but this is not one of those tanks, everything feels a bit cheap, ‘grindy and gritty’ for want of a better description. Any edges also feel a bit sharp, not ‘slice your finger open’ sharp or anything like that, but it just doesn’t feel that comfortable on your fingers.

If I have any ‘finish quality’ issues with the tank, I certainly do not have any issues with the quality of the vape. First draw on the 1.5ohm mesh coil at 10w gave me very impressive flavour and a nice draw and vaping experience overall. If you like sweet liquids then I think you’ll get on with this well as for whatever reason it really seemed to bring out the sweetness in the liquid I was using. As a stock coil MTL tank I may have to start recommending this to people, based on just the flavour and draw there’s nothing to complain about here. I’d be more than happy to vape on this all day. The vapour production for a 50/50 liquid at 10w is quite impressive too.

Freemax Twister 30W

I’ve been vaping on this for a week now and the coil has help up impressively. It’s a very full saturated vape so absolutely no concerns with the coil not wicking fast enough. Minor gurgling has been a bit of an issue occasionally and I’ve had to flick it out a few times, but I can live with that. Zero leaking, no fuss filling. I like it a lot and I’m not sure why I don’t love it more, it might just be the look. I did try the DTL coil for a few hours, no issues there either and if you are looking for a small low power DTL tank then I think this would work great. It reminds me of using something like the old Kanger Toptank but with a better coil.

The Twister 30w mod is a pretty cool little variable wattage stick and I feel the same about it as I do the tank, no complaints with performance at all. I even used it with an RTA on top for a day. The only real negative is the 2.5w increments, so you have 7.5w, 10w, 12.5w, 15w .. and so on. But that wasn’t an issue for me 10w on the stock coils and 12.5w on my RTAs worked perfectly fine for me. Battery life seems very good for a 1,400 mAh battery, probably because there’s no screen or anything to power. It’s about as simple as it gets. However, again I’m not enjoying the ‘sharpness’ in places, the edges around the USB port feel a bit like a cheese grater, if you are using your thumb to fire then it does feel pretty sharp on your index finger. If you are using your finger to fire then your thumb rests right on the port hole and it doesn’t feel nice either. It also suffers from not looking very nice in my personal opinion, the ‘twister’ logo is kind of tacky and the gold and silver together isn’t a good combination.

Freemax Twister 30W

Things I like very much:

Everything about the performance, the fill system, the battery life, the coils, the overall vaping experience.

Things I don’t like as much (or you may not like)

The way it feels in my hand, some of the aesthetic choices.

To conclude.
I can see why these Freemax tanks and coils get a lot of love, it’s a great performer, inexpensive and seems like it would be a great choice for anyone just getting into vaping. I think this feels very much like a ‘starter kit’ and that isn’t a knock, it does a very good job of being just that. Easy to use, simple to fill and adjust. If you like the looks and don’t expect it to feel like something that would cost a lot more then I don’t think you would be disappointed with the overall performance. It’s certainly encouraged me to look a little harder at what FreeMax are up to.

You can find this device at HealthCabin here, the FireLuke 22 tank on it’s own here and spare coils here!

This review was written by Simon from planetofthevapes, click to view original review.

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